From the July 2002 Idaho Observer:

Patriot of What?

by Hari Heath

After years of being demonized by government actors and the prevaricating press for standing up as a patriot and demanding a return to the principles which founded our nation, I find myself surrounded by banners of red white and blue. Where did all this patriotic fervor come from? No, it wasn't another car lot trying to get my attention.

I've lost friends because they don't want to know about the dark side of “government.” Along with many fellow pre 9-11 patriots, I have been labeled a constitutionalist and an anti-government extremist. They demonize the messengers when they have no answer to the truths we expose.

We are shunned and avoided by many Americans who don't want their fragile belief system challenged. They know things aren't right in government, but it is safer and more comfortable to look away. My dedication to exposing the false trepidations of government and my advocacy of our nations founding principles has made me an enemy in the eyes of some of my fellow countrymen.

So what is the new “patriot” a patriot of? Do they understand the powers and limitations that the Constitution conveys to government? How many have ever read the Bill of Rights? Do these new flag-waving patriots really have any clues about what is going on in this country?

Have they ever questioned where that ocean of acronyms; the sea of agencies for every purpose finds the authority for their existence and presumed power? Do they see the absolute rush to power, going on before their very eyes? Are they willing to seek the whole truth and prepare for it, as Patrick Henry was?

Or are they covering their eyes with their newly unfurled flags?

And what do we have to guide us as we seek the truth? Dan Blather, Peterless Jennings and Tom Brokenjaw? The AP (Always Prevaricating) Wire service? Will another seven-second soundbyte on CNN tell us the whole truth? The media is a weapon of mass distraction and this weapon is used daily in the war against truth.

Over and over, the newsmakers, pundits and politicians tell us how great our country is. The land of freedom. Liberty and justice for all. Hollow words for most of the 2 million souls incarcerated in America. Private prisons are a growth industry, trading well on Wall Street, while Enron executives go free.

An estimated one third of prisoners are innocent or failed to be provided with legitimate due process of law in the course of their “conviction.” Sixty per cent of our prisoners committed no harm to another person or their property in the commission of their crime. “Criminals,” only because their crimes were manufactured by the socialist, totalitarian state.

The constitutional writ of habeus corpus is now effectively suspended by an unaccountable judiciary. Appeals courts are more concerned with making sure we are no longer one nation under God, than protecting the rights of Americans from injustice. The Department of Justice has become self funded by forfeitures seized without due process of law in the “War on the Bill of Rights.”

Why? Because officers of government take an oath to support the Constitution, but there is no enforcement. Instead, an unlegislated cloak of immunity protects the criminals in office from the justice that they and the citizen they have wronged deserve. What can the people do to put the bite back in the Constitution? Petition the harlots in Congress for impeachments?

What remedy is left but the teeth of the Second Amendment. By all current evidence, there is no militia enforcing the Constitution. Our “free state,” is no longer secured. And our children's future grows dim, as the shadow government emerges with each freedom trampling lockstep to the “Homeland Defense” forces.

And what has “government” already accomplished in our “homeland?” An administrative dictatorship of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats that have become our masters, with their self promulgated rules imposed as the law of the land. We slaves on the federal plantation are numbered, tracked and taxed a half share of all that we earn for the “benefit” of obtaining such servitude. These shadow governors have become so emboldened by our compliance that they actually call themselves a shadow government.

All ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are fully implemented in America. No longer can we own property. Color of title deeds cloud any real ownership. The possession and use of our homes and property is subject to regulation, permits and a rent called taxes.

Neither can we own a car in America. The original title to a vehicle must be surrendered to the state by a state licensed, enfranchised car dealer. A certificate of title is issued to the user of the vehicle which shows that the state is the holder of the real title. The user of the vehicle is deluded by popular notions into thinking he “owns” the vehicle which became a state owned utility soon after it was “purchased.” We are then subjected to all manner of unconstitutional searches, seizures and statutory offenses because we travel in a state-owned vehicle.

And now they propose to further control our movements with a programmable, chip-embedded driver's license. Federally mandated, this has the potential to become the control card for all of our government “benefits,” financial transactions, travel and communications, health care and our daily buying and selling -- the ultimate tool for citizen tracking and control.

What do we have for an economy? A NON-Federal, NON-Reserve, NON Note. Our “dollar” is only backed by blind faith and the ability to tax. However correct they are, the tax honesty movement will never be allowed to prove the fraudulent, unconstitutional nature of the IRS. The Federal Reserve “dollar” would evaporate back to the thin air from which it came without the IRS.

The powers which control this country cannot allow our fraudulent monetary system to change. Of the power, by the power and for the power is what governs behind the scenes. Does anyone really believe the president runs this country? Think of him as a press secretary for the elite. He tells us what the real governors want us to hear.

The message is clear. Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism is our 24-7 media mantra. After a single event last September, we continue to be hammered daily with news of the next “threat.” Evidence suggests that the CIA and the FBI had advance knowledge of the events of September 11 but failed to prevent those acts.

Negligence or complicity? Societal manipulation through trauma based conditioning? Whether planned by them or merely convenient, the goals of the power elite were well served by the events of 9-11.

Why were “we” attacked last September? Could it be the CIA holocaust? Over six million people have died as a result of our shadow governors' covert operations to manipulate and control the world. Their lives are strewn in shallow graves around the globe as the CIA has made the world safe and profitable for corporate interests.

America has become the world's policeman, sending our military to all corners of the world. Was the Pentagon targeted because some people on this planet don't want to live under an American-led global police state? Were the twin towers of the financial manipulators targeted for their scorched earth policies of global economic tyranny?

Oh ye new found patriots, what part of our precious Constitution authorizes the government to send our military or covert manipulators into foreign lands? Our military, kept at home where they belong and an honest foreign policy is the only homeland defense we need.

Many Americans dare not question authority at this time as we endure our country's most awful moments. The truth would cause them to lower their flags in shame. Instead, they wave their flags to the repetitive sound of the media's drumbeat. The American dog has been wagged to the command of roll over and beg for security. Our Constitution is suspended and we are expected to surrender what little is left of our liberties.

This new patriotism seems to be more about continuing a lifestyle of self-indulgence than standing on principle. “United we stand?” For what? A foreign policy of terrorism, exploitation and economic tyranny? A domestic policy that is much the same? All so we can live the good life, with a give-me-more-for-less-never-mind-where-it-comes-from attitude?

Generations of complacent subjugation have sealed our fate. We stand “united” on the deck of a slowly sinking Titanic nation. Ask yourself, do I avoid the hard fight that is before us now if we want our country back? Do I fall instead into the bottomless pit of convenient consumption? The few, the brave and the proud are few and far between.

Go ahead, wave your Made-in-China U.S. flag. Sing a patriotic song. Placate your fears with more shopping. After all, it's your America. Try and forget that like a herd of lemmings, we are diving head first into a sea of totalitarianism. Join the new found “patriots” that are marching in a media-induced lockstep.

The banners of freedom have been unfurled to maintain the illusion. But they are waving in the same thin air our “money” is made from. The politics of fear, managed with perpetual terrorism alerts, govern us now.

By definition, a patriot needs a country to which one may be patriotic. America has a proud history, but the American nation promised by the Constitution is nowhere to be seen. Look for yourself and, in the absence of your lost country, ask yourself, of what am I a patriot?


Rather than pay a $300 fine for allegedly skinny dipping, Hari Heath challenged the U.S. government's authority on unceded state lands administered by the U.S. Forest Service. In the federal court of the infamous Judge Edward Lodge, Heath was sentenced to serve six months in jail and two years of probation for challenging federal authority on state land without a trial. Heath became a fugitive in Dec., 2000. The article above was a well-justified “rant.” Maybe you have to be sentenced hard for alleged skinny dipping without the benefit of a trial to understand that to be allegiant to this government is not very patriotic.

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