From the July 2002 Idaho Observer:

CDC epidemiologist fails in attempt to assure public of vaccine safety

There are two government-promoted “public health” issues that most people have been conditioned to believe as having medical merit: Municipal water fluoridation as a means to prevent tooth decay and the use of vaccines to prevent people from contracting and spreading infectious disease. Some 400 scientific studies have proved that neither topical nor internal use of fluoride prevents tooth decay and that the substance causes a variety of chronic health problems. No scientific valid studies can be found to support the use of fluoride but the government pushes the questionable public health policy regardless. Below is a report that proves the government is actively promoting the use of vaccines through presentations intended to assure their safety, but, when pressed, admits that there are no mechanisms in place to prevent the administration of contaminated vaccines.

by Vaccination Liberation

COEUR D'ALENE -- CDC epidemiologist Dr. Sharon Humiston gave a free presentation entitled, “Immunizations and Vaccine Safety,” June 20, 2002. Humiston made an effort to convince child care providers and the public of the importance of vaccinating our children with all the CDC recommended vaccinations. The event, sponsored by the Idaho Immunization Program in conjunction with the Department of Health and Welfare, actually failed to convince many of those in attendance that our nations supply of vaccines are adequately tested for dangerous and known contaminants.

Attendees were greeted with all the pro-vaccine literature they could carry plus cases of free pro-vaccination books. These books happen to be the only two pro-vaccination books in print: Vaccinating Your Child Questions & Answers for the Concerned Parent by Sharon G. Humiston, M.D., M.P.H. and Cynthia Good, and Vaccines: What Every Parent Should Know by Paul A. Offitt, M.D. & Louis M. Bell, M.D.

Although this event was well publicized and child care providers were offered two hours licensing credit for attending, there were less than 20 people in the audience.

Humiston's Power Point presentation focused on frightening the audience with graphic pictures of people suffering from “vaccine preventable” diseases. Only diseases for which there is a marketable vaccine were represented. Humiston attempted to convince the audience that our vaccines are safe by telling us that she and all other CDC employees vaccinate themselves and their children. She did, however, admit that she is the mother of a severely autistic son. She stated that his condition cannot possibly be associated with the MMR vaccine since the Institute of Medicine and other government agencies have put to rest the MMR-Autism connection. Her explanation regarding the current autism epidemic is that there is likely a genetic component since this affliction affects four times as many boys as girls.

Humiston's entire presentation was peppered with questions from the small audience. She clearly had difficulty answering some of the questions. When she mentioned informed consent and the fact that Vaccine Information Sheets are written at a 7th grade reading level to inform parents of the risks versus benefits of vaccination, a question was posed as to why the vaccine packet insert information differs from the information on the Vaccine Information Sheets.

Her response was that information in the packet insert is from the trial studies of the vaccine itself and reflects all health changes following injection with the vaccine being studied, whether related to the vaccine or not. In contrast, the Vaccine Information Sheets reflect what is currently known about the risks versus the benefits of the particular vaccine.

Although Humiston attempted to assure us that these vaccines are indeed safe and effective, her presentation was simply not convincing. She frequently admitted a dirth of knowledge on how the immune system actually works and the reasons for the multitude of autoimmune system disorders afflicting Americans today.

Humiston's presentation ended with the following question from one attendee.

“What worries me is the microbial contamination coming in on commercial vaccines:

“As you know, my generation was given polio vaccine in the 50s and 60s that was badly contaminated with the deadly cancer virus Simian Virus 40, and now all these years later scientists and leading medical journals are telling us that the very cancer virus we got in our polio vaccines are being found in our bone and brain cancer tumors, plus our non-Hodgkins lymphomas.

“On top of that Dr. John Martin, formerly of the FDA and professor of pathology at the University of Southern California, found that our contemporary polio vaccines contain other types of what he calls 'stealth' monkey viruses, which he believes could be responsible for the nation's massive epidemic of chronic fatigue syndrome.

“And just recently 83,000 Irish children were given polio vaccine accidentally contaminated with the blood of a mad cow victim. So why is the CDC not testing vaccines for these dreadful contaminants?”

Humiston responded by telling the audience this testing is not the responsibility of the CDC. She stated that such testing is the job of the FDA but, unfortunately, Congress has not allotted the FDA enough money to do such testing. She suggested that people contact their senators and representatives to make funding of studies addressing vaccine safety issues more of a priority.

Although she asked the audience if there were any further questions, I bit my tongue since this was such an awesome admission and a great closing to a CDC presentation designed to assure the public that our nation's vaccine stores are indeed safe. We cannot forget that despite purported lack of money for testing, there are millions available for vaccine promotion.

After the presentation, Humiston noted that I was the second person to mention Utah State University biologist Vijendra Singh's study, “Neuro-immunopathogenesis in Autism,” and asked me to send her a copy of it. Apparently, a man told her the Salt Lake City Tribune had printed an article that mentioned this study in reference to an autism convention being held in Salt Lake City. The only study linking autism to the MMR vaccine that Humiston was aware of was that done by British researcher Andrew Wakefield.

To counter this government sponsored propaganda blitz, the insert in the May, 2002 edition of The Idaho Observer entitled, “The American mass vaccination agenda: Beyond medical experimentation into the realm of mass murder, genocide,” was passed out to those in attendance as they were leaving.

For the record, Vaccination Liberation sent to Humiston via snail mail a copy of the above mentioned autism study as well as two other well-footnoted articles: Disseminated Vasculomyelinopathy: An Immune Complex Disease by Louis Reik, Jr., M.D. and What Is Coming Through That Needle? The Problem of Pathogenic Vaccine Contamination by Benjamin McRearden. These two articles are also available on the internet at So remember that no matter how much your local health department and pediatricians try to convince you that vaccines are indeed safe, the CDC knows and has been forced to admit that vaccines are not reliably tested for dangerous contaminants and are not guaranteed safe. It is now clearly a fact that vaccines are more dangerous than the disease itself.


Note: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny will be in Coeur d'Alene Sept. 14 to address what CDC documents have to say about vaccine safety and efficacy. Details at

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