From the June 2002 Idaho Observer:

The Destruction of America


Are You an Idiot, Too?

By The Gunrunner

Since well before 1900, “Those Who Would Control Us” (TWWCU) have had plans for the complete domination of this planet. Europe was easy - the people there had thousands of years of history as slaves and peons. Asia was just as easy. In fact, only America posed a problem.

It seems that we had this one, little “road bump” to the domination of America called The Constitution of the United States of America. So this group hatched a long-term plan. It was based on a new philosophy being created in Germany by a man named Wilhelm Wundt.

The time was around 1875. Wundt was an instructor at the Leipzig University in Germany. He had just “redefined” the study of psychology from “study of the soul” to “how to control the reactions of man.”

Wundt believed that man had no soul, no independent thoughts and was simply a “culmination of the external stimuli one has experienced during his lifetime.” Wundt's early writings showed that his research was an attempt to absolve man (and himself) from responsibility for any actions, either good or bad.

These were the exact concepts that TWWCU had been looking for. If Americans could be convinced that they were weak, had no soul, weren't responsible for evil acts, couldn't really be expected to achieve anything of value, were basically mental, emotional and spiritual failures from birth, then they could easily be controlled.

When Wundt's graduates came to America (starting about 1883) they were magically placed in prominent positions in all the universities and schools in the U.S. From these vantage points, they would then control education.

These men created the processes by which American children would become more stupid the longer they attended school. The plan was to destroy the concepts that made Americans different and more powerful than the rest of the world.

Things like honor, work ethics, morals, knowledge of right from wrong, willingness to fight for what's right needed to be erased from the American consciousness.

Teachers were trained to allow certain “failures” amongst their students, which eventually created the large drop out rate we see in America today. School is no longer where one went to learn how to read, write and do math. It has become a social training ground, wherein psychology would create a true “working class” of Americans, trusting only in the federal government.

The eradication of personal ethics, honor, responsibility, morals, spiritual beliefs and patriotic pride in an individual is a tough task all by itself; executing a plan intended to strip these qualities from an entire nation requires patience. This couldn't be done over night. It had to be performed slowly, so that the “common man” wouldn't get wind of the truth.

It has taken almost 100 years of diligent work by several generations of socialists, psychologists and politicians to achieve the desired effects.

And they have. They're done. We are now idiots. And we are kept that way by our willingness to be idiots.

Our schools create idiots. Our media condemns those of us who say “that high school graduate is an idiot!” and convinces us that being an idiot is now acceptable.

Our government promotes, condones and even FUNDS the destruction of personal responsibility, ethics and morals.

If we, when seeing that a chosen “lifestyle” is killing over 10 million people yearly, condemn that (so called) “life style,” then we are instantly accused of being “intolerant, abusive and homophobic” by those who practice that perversion.

We see an idiot take a pistol into a bar, kill three people, then blame the gun. And the idiots amongst us believe him! A girl gets shot through an apartment wall by a drunk moron playing with a loaded gun, and she SUES THE GUN MAKER!

Which is exactly as TWWCU want it. By using this perversion called psychology, they have led us to believe the following:

We are too stupid to control ourselves.

We are too unethical to conduct a business without government guidance and control.

We are too abusive and ignorant to raise our children.

Nothing is ever “right or wrong.”

Morals are an individual thing, not to be evaluated by others.

We cannot (dare not) judge anyone for fear of hurting their feelings.

We own nothing. We rent it from the government via taxes.

We work for the benefit of others, not ourselves. And if you disagree, you are evil and selfish.

All men are equal. So the high-school-drop-out-gutter-trash who deals drugs at age 14 is the equal of a successful businessman at age 50.

Failure is inevitable so don't worry - it's really not your fault.

The physical universe is more responsible than you are (blame the car, gun, cigarette, etc. for your actions).

Success is an accident, preceded by your stealing from someone else.

Just because that 14-year-old girl is having her third abortion, that's her right and who the hell are you to judge her anyway?

Anyone can have sex with anyone, or anything, they want.

Enough. You get the idea. It's too late. American society is now under total control by TWWCU and there isn't anything we can do about it.

Or is there.

You can “fight city hall,” in this case TWWCU. When you see an idiot being an idiot, TELL THEM! By keeping your mouth shut, you are condoning idiotic actions and ideas, and helping the enemy win. When someone does something that flies in the face of reality, sanity, ethics and morals, TELL THEM!!!

Grandpa used to say: “Don't think you're on the right track just 'cause it's a well worn path”.

Many idiots have walked this path. Many more will walk it. Most will condemn you for stepping off this path, and the agents of TWWCU will attempt to dissuade you. But to walk this path is to agree with their goals: The complete destruction of self-determinism in man and the total control of us all.

Choose to step aside and make a new path. We did it once before, only now we need to rediscover the path our Founding Fathers made for us to follow. Failure is not an option because it will result in real Americans being overrun by idiots.

I am...

The Gunrunner

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