From the June 2002 Idaho Observer:

Letter from Dave Burgert

Government, media continue to persecute pro-good government search & rescue volunteer

Last Thanksgiving weekend Dave Burgert's search & rescue unit was not called when a 14-year-old boy got separated from his stepfather while they were out hunting. For whatever reasons, Flathead County Sheriff Jim Dupont sent his deputies out to find the boy. Where Burgert and his team could have found the boy alive within a few hours, it took the deputies six hours just to find where his trail started. Instead, the sheriff's department found him dead 24 hours later. Admittedly furious, Burgert sent out an ill-advised email that blamed the boys unnecessary death on official ineptitude.

A few days later an explosive chain of events began to take place that have resulted in Burgert being imprisoned for failing to appear at a hearing that he was not required to attend. He has also been accused by local and national media (through statements by local law enfocement) of being a ringleader of a heavily armed “militia” group that had a list of public officials slated for execution.

The problem is that there is no evidence to support the allegations. So far all we have is a constitutionally-oriented man who is willing to stand up against corruption and volunteer his energy to find people who are lost. Following is a letter that The IO received from Burgert who has a room at the Flathead County Jail. Some sort of trial is scheduled for later this month.

It should also be noted that the New York Times recently published an article reiterating the guns, bombs and murder plot story with regard to Burgert even though he is not being charged with anything related to it and neither federal nor local law enforcement has any evidence of those allegations.


I feel the urge to write an update at this point the best I can. Also, this letter will authorize your newspaper and reporters to obtain any and all information that you request from my attorney, Don Vernay.

As of now, I am not sure how much you know. Tracy Brockway [who Burgert stayed with while “authorities” were trying to find him for failing to appear at a hearing he was not obligated to attend] made a deal and took 10 years probation because she was tortured mentally and tormented to the point where she could not handle it anymore. She is not required to testify against anyone but she has been subpoenaed (we were going to subpoena her anyway). She is required to cooperate with any authorities in any investigation.

Her bond went from $500,000 (half mil) to O.R. (own recognizance) and she is not charged with anything else.

1. Motion for Discovery has been filed and the cops say they have given all the information they have. There is no “hit list” and no “derailed plan” to kill anyone. (Just part of their lies and perjury).

2. No further state charges pending according to attorney. They (cops) say Dave Burgert had a full auto rifle in his possession. That is not against the law in the sovereign state of Montana unless it is used in a crime.

3. An Intel bulletin, very much resembling a wanted poster, was issued shortly after I was attacked by Kalspell police on November 27, 2001 while serving summons and lawsuit on a county employee's Russian wife. The poster had my picture on it and the picture of my attorney that they disbarred. (This was so we would be terrorized more). It was put out by Frank Farner, Chief of the Kalispell Police Dept., and we “accidently” got a copy of it.

4. One of our friends has chosen to run for sheriff to stop some or all of these problems. He has noticed heavy surveillance and is very concerned for his life. His name is Larry “Chance” Chezen. The last person to run against the current sheriff, Dupont, had a bullet in his head which was ruled a suicide.

I firmly stand behind the formal complaint I made to the F.B.I. and the United Nations asking for protection and prosecution: protection of me and my family and prosecution of several cops here and a thorough investigation. We have a gang here that is out of control, wear badges, and control the courtrooms and lawyers. Title 18, sec. 241 [Montana Code] as I have said for many years.

I am very grateful to you for your honesty and desire to print facts. I thank you. Please remember when we were out in the woods for 8 miles in February snow, I had the upper hand. I prevented anyone from being shot and I let them go under the promises they made that they now break daily. They are evil people here; very evil. May God Bless you and your families.

Dave E. Burgert, Patriot and Prisoner

Flathead County Jail
800 S. Main, Kallispell, MT 59901


(Since receiving this letter, Burgert has been hospitalized and has been diagnosed with Bell's palsy which is a manifestation of toxicity and stress).

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