From the June 2002 Idaho Observer:

Deputy AG attempts to sidestep judge's order

Lloyd won't (can't?) produce “confidential” witness in Leas case

MOSCOW -- Second District Court Judge Carl Kerrick ordered Deputy Idaho State Attorney General David Lloyd to turn the identity of a confidential informant over to Fred Leas of Helmer.

Leas is suing Latah county probation officers Tom Blewett and Denise Farmer for libel in connection with the Leas child custody case.

Though the order was entered May 7, 2002, Lloyd has thus far refused to comply with the judge's order at hearings held at the Latah County Courthouse here on June 4 and June 11. Lloyd, who appeared telephonically at the June 11 hearing of his Motion for Summary Judgment, warned Judge Kerrick that he will appeal the case to the Idaho State Supreme Court if he denies the motion and upholds his order.

Judge Kerrick reportedly told Lloyd to do what he feels is appropriate.

The Idaho Observer began reporting the Leas child custody case in November, 1998. Since 1993, Leas has been trying to get custody of his two girls because the homelife with their mother and stepfather Ruth and Paul Mohr has been proven to be violent and sexually and emotionally abusive. It also appears that the Mohrs enjoyed an underwold relationship with Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson who refused to prosecute them even when they filed false police reports intended to have Leas imprisoned.

After 130 court appearances in Idaho; after 13 judges had been recused from the case and after the Mohrs violated a court order and moved to New Mexico, Leas was finally awarded custody of his daughters last fall. New Mexico authorities caught the Mohrs engaging in the types of activities Idaho had refused to investigate.

Leas is now on the offensive. Leas alleges that Blewett and Farmer libeled him when they wrote a letter to Judge Rhinehardt claiming a reliable “confidential informant” witnessed Leas engaging in deviant conduct with his girls.

To know Leas and the girls is to know that the claims were wholly without merit. Judge Kerrick reasoned that Leas' case “hinges on the informant's veracity” and whether or not the probation officers acted with due diligence in providing the court with the information.

Leas believes that there is no confidential informant and that Blewett and Farmer just made it up. According to Leas, the local news media also believes there is no confidential informant. “If I didn't have a confidential informant, I wouldn't be here, your honor,” Lloyd reportedly stated for the record June 4.

The AG's office is representing Farmer and Blewett because they are state employees. “It is an outrage that the attorney general would be defending this case,” said Leas.

Judge Kerrick is expected to deny summary judgment and uphold his order.

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