From the May 2002 Idaho Observer:

Vasculomyelinopathy: A disease caused by vaccines named in 1979

by Vaccination Liberation

The Annals of Neurology (April, 1980) published a report by Louis Reik. The “introduction of foreign antigen by infection or inoculation [can] cause vascular injury with secondary damage to myelin,” Reik observed.

The term “vascular” refers to blood vessels and myelin is the protective substance that coats components of the central nervous system.

Calling post-antigentic complications “serum sickness”, Reik wrote that, “Clinically, serum sickness in humans begins seven to ten days after the injection of foreign protein, with fever, malaise, urticaria [hives], joint pains, lymphadenopathy [lymphatic disorder]and immune complex nephritis [kidney inflamation].”

What Reik found in 1979 is consistent with other reports that have been published long before Americans became subjected to such an intensive regimen of vaccines. Reik's findings are also consistent with what we are seeing more and more commonly among vaccinated populations.

We are currently experiencing epidemic numbers of post-vaccinal children who exhibit symptoms that arise from encephalopathy (swelling of the brain) and demyelinization. Drastic increases in sudden infant deaths and the meteoric rise in cases of autism have been proven recently to be associated with the introduction of vaccines (Drs. Andrew Wakefield, Vijendra Singh and Viera Scheibner).

Reik described how the severity of lesions observed on the delicate venules and capilaries in the brain depend, “....on the amount of antigen-antibody interaction. The tissue response is apparently independent of the antigen response since a wide variety of serum proteins produce the same lesions. The amount of antibody formed is the key to subsequent development of immune-complex disease...”

Reik identified a disease in 1979 that is caused by the introduction of antigens -- either naturally or via inoculation. His work was supported by that of published predecessors and is currently supported by science that has been published since 1980. The relationship between vaccines and brain damage or central nervous system dysfunction has also been supported in the lives of millions who have been destroyed as a result of this common practice.

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