From the May 2002 Idaho Observer:

One mother's observations

by Mary DelaFuente

By researching vaccines for even a short amount of time, you can gain the knowledge needed to critically observe the many obvious differences between children who have been vaccinated compared to those who are unvaccinated.

If you are fortunate enough to spend time with children who are unvaccinated, it is a real treat. The favorable differences in their health, energy levels, ability to learn and their overall disposition are obvious to even the casual observer.

Every vaccination does some damage to the developing brain and nervous system due to the numerous toxins they contain. Vaccines cause the myelin, a protective coating over the nerves, to slow down or stop growing. It is this coating that protects children and gives them the neural connections they need to develop as they learn and grow. This myelinating process is in development for the first 20 years of life. All vaccines effectively inhibit this process.

I can now walk into a store or daycare and tell which children have been vaccinated or not. The vaccinated children have a certain look in their eyes that is unmistakable. Their cognizance is slower as is their speech and motor skills. Their social skills are lacking too, sometimes to a lesser degree and sometimes to a more noticeable degree such as in the cases of ADD and autism.

The unvaccinated children show a normal to what seems an accelerated development of all their skills, appearing to be way ahead of their vaccinated peers, especially with regard to their attention span and cognitive levels. They have the ability to read emotions off of other children and adults with amazing clarity and have a sense of empathy and compassion toward others. They are also able to process information faster and retain it longer.

I was at a birthday party with four two-year-old children. Only one was unvaccinated. As I was observing the reactions of the children playing together and socializing as two-year-olds do, it was striking to notice the difference. The unvaccinated two-year-old whose birthday it was, is anywhere from 6 months to 4 months younger than her other two-year-old peers.

The unvaccinated child's speech was clear and audible, speaking in full sentences. She was capable of playing with a toy for a long period of time without getting bored with it. She used her imagination to its full extent with each toy she picked up. She was content with sitting in one place and playing with her toys and couldn't understand why her friends were constantly disrupting her playtime and taking her toys away from her.

She tried to engage her little friends in conversation but none of them had the skill to talk in full sentences yet or the listening skills to pay attention to what she was saying. She would then try to get them to sit and play with her but they could not stay in one place or keep their attention on what they were playing with for even a short amount of time. While she was happily playing, the others would be fighting over the toys.

At one point one of her little friends walked right up to her and kicked her. That was that. I interfered immediately, and it was not with the child, it was with the parent of the child who just sat there and watched his child kick her without even responding to it.

The child's parent classically said to me, “She acts like this all the time. There is nothing we can do about it. We have tried to teach her but she doesn't seem to understand.”

I was astounded. I told him he better find a new source of information and help for recognizing why his child might be behaving this way. I directed his attention towards vaccine damage and an excellent source of information at Vaccination Liberation's website: He then told me his child did have a slight reaction to a DPT shot but kept getting the shots since they did not know how bad they were for children. After this guy thought about it for a while and put two and two together, he was amazed to find out that this could be the true problem behind his child's behavior. Thankfully, he is now researching this vital topic.

All of the adults at this birthday party were amazed at the unvaccinated child's abilities to socialize and speak clearly, interact with the other children in a kind and caring manner and, most important of all, her ability to listen at that age. This child had not been genetically damaged by the vaccines. Her entire nervous system is developing normally. Her DNA is normal and her myelin sheath is also developing normally where it is needed for the learning stages she is in.

I would like to see a doctor who believes in the vaccine paradigm and a doctor who doesn't believe in vaccinating do a study involving 20 vaccinated children and 20 unvaccinated children of the same age and observe their behavior for just one week. The report culminating from such an observation would be astounding and significant enough to show the same incredible differences I witness on a daily basis.

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Hari Heath

Vaccination Liberation -

Comparing vaccine-free children with their vaccinated peers

The tendency in arguing the pros and cons of public policy issues is to cite the relevant scientific studies and statistics. The reason is found in the term “public policy.” Those who draft, implement and enforce public policy are addressing a societal ill that must be remedied. It is not practical to discuss the social issue with all of the people involved. So, even if it was practical, the chance that a sound public policy would emerge in a reasonable time frame under such conditions is almost zero. Science and statistics are, therefore, the most efficient tools that can be employed to evolve public policy. However, once public policy has been established and becomes ingrained in society, we have the responsibility of determining how successful the policy has been based upon the impact it has had on subgroups within it down to the individual. If public policy is harmful to groups and individuals it must be changed. If we can provide proof from the field that the solution is worse than the problem, the policy must be abolished. The federally recommended public health policy with regard to infectious disease in the U.S. is ruining children and families. Infectious diseases are rampant and incidence of chronic diseases, learning disabilities and autism are increasing at an alarming rate among the vaccinated. Something quite different is happening to the minority of children whose parents are sheilding them from the federally recommended regimen of vaccinations.

To date, there are no published studies that compare the development of vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

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