From the May 2002 Idaho Observer:

The American mass vaccination agenda: Beyond medical experimentation into the realm of mass murder, genocide

Boy meets girl. They fall in love, obtain a license from the state to get married and make plans to start a family. When baby day arrives, the expectant mother is rushed to the hospital to give birth. Most parents will forever remember that period between the onset of labor and the moment someone says, “It's a boy,” or, “It's a girl” as the most intensely emotional experience of their lives. During that time we feel powerless and every ounce of love and hope that parents feel for their soon-to-be-born baby is entrusted into the care of their doctor and the attendant nursing staff.

Until recently, very few people questioned their doctors when the nurses took our newborn babies away to be “cleaned up.” That was before we realized that unnecessary medical interventions such as vitamin K and hepititis B injections are often given at this time. Increasing numbers of parents are experiencing the horror of failing to question “routine” post-natal vaccinations. In fact a local coroner is reportedly processing record numbers of infant deaths. He said that these mothers all say the same thing: “My baby was so healthy and vibrant until I took him in for his shots...”

We are also experiencing a shaken baby syndrome (SBS) witch hunt in this country. Violet Harris has looked into six different SBS cases in and around Boise, Idaho and found out that in each case, both malnutrition and vaccines were involved. All parties claim innocence. The prosecutors in all cases refuse to look at the vaccine connection --and the victims, the alleged “shakers”, are being locked up in our state's prisons.

Why is it that suddenly vaccine injury and death is becoming the rule rather than the exception? There are many reasons but the foundation of it appears to be the fact that the human genome is being altered by vaccines. By injecting increasing quantities of foreign (human and animal) RNA and DNA, toxic metals and poisonous chemicals into our bloodstreams, our own genetic structure is changed and those changes are passed onto our children. Already compromised by mutations within ourselves (hence epidemic cancer, auto-immune dysfunction, sociopathic behavior and addiction to pharmaceutical drugs) the current generation of babies are “at risk” from the time they are born. Begin dosing them with vaccines soon after birth and the likelihood of an adverse reaction increases.

If they do not die from the post-natal vaccines; if they don't die from the barrage of some 35 vaccinations recommended by the federal government by age five; if they do not develop physical and mental complications such as multiple sclerosis or autism they may produce children of their own. What type of hope for humanity is there when we have been so altered that our offspring no longer provide viable offspring?

We are no longer mincing words. It is too late for that. As a matter of editorial policy there is no reason to say, “Vaccines are linked to sudden infant death, learning disabilities and chronic disease.” By using the word “linked” we journalistically side-step what we know from science and experience to be the cold, hard reality of mass vaccination.

The truth is that vaccines can cause sudden infant death; vaccines can cause learning disabilities; vaccines can cause the infections that lead to the development of chronic diseases. We cannot even begin to describe the extent of what is happening with regard to public health policies mandating “medical experimentation' via vaccinations. It is iatrogenocide.

Fortunately people are waking up to this fact. Anti-vaccination activists all over the world are networking, sharing information and building coalitions.

Vaccination Liberation is the perfect example of this grassroots momentum. According to VacLib president Ingri Cassel, “Since the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act has been introduced to state legislatures, people have been contacting us with renewed interest in getting a VacLib chapter going in their respective states.” In fact, VacLib chapters now include Idaho, South Idaho, Wyoming, New Jersey, Florida, and Pennsylvania. States in the process of joining the VacLib network are Alaska, Washington, Montana, Ohio and Louisiana. Once parents realize that the myriad of health problems their children are experiencing can be directly linked to the vaccines they have thus far received, they become angry and want to direct that anger at someone. VacLib national then redirects their energy into sharing this relatively unknown information with their respective communities and, ultimately, the entire state. As more people in each state become members of their state chapters, an effective network is established. This statewide network has the potential to initiate the changes needed in their respective state's laws to allow both philosophical and religious exemptions and, hopefully, overturn state vaccine mandates. If you are interested in joining the VacLib network, call (208) 255-2307 (see ad page 13).

When you think about it, the concept of herd immunity is absurd. Pro-vaccinators desire a 100-percent vaccination rate to protect the “herd” from infectious diseases.

If vaccines really “work,” why would the vaccinated be endangered by the unvaccinated? If vaccines really worked, then the unvaccinated could not infect the vaccinated.

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