From the May 2002 Idaho Observer:

Dr. Schultze and what's left of your liver

Every second of every day it filters, traps, neutralizes, kills and eliminates poisons in your blood that you inhale, ingest and absorb. From common poisonous chemicals in the home, workplace or even on your dinner prescription drug residues [and vaccines], air pollution and worn out blood cells, there are literally millions of toxic trash bits in circulation all over your body. If your Liver didn't continually remove this garbage, you would be dead in hours! Modern Living attacks your liver with a constant toxic chemical barrage. This chemical exposure kills your liver cells and causes liver damage and disease. When your liver weakens, it can't do its job and then chemicals and poisons pass unchecked into your bloodstream, to your brain, heart, lungs, bones, reproductive organs, literally every organ and cell in your body.”

~Dr. Richard Schultze

by Ingri Cassel

Last month we discussed colon health as described in Dr Richard Schultze's excellent Get Well! Newsletter. Well, he has done it again with the May, 2002 edition of Get Well! This month Dr. Schultz emphasizes the importance of detoxifying your liver.

I have been collecting natural healing basics for the past 25 years and have incorporated much of this material in my class, “Optimal Wellness With Herbs.” What I have found over the years is that peoples' livers and gallbladders are in even worse shape than their colons (if that is possible). The reason for this is that the liver filters toxins and impurities from our blood. A clean bloodstream is THE key to sound health. I love the way Dr. Schultze starts out his newsletter (See italics above).

If you read last month's Back to Basics column and have not embarked on a colon cleanse or called 1-800-HERB-DOC for his products and newsletters, the following true story regarding Dr. Schultze's experience dissecting and examining cadavers will hopefully inspire you:

“Often in bodies of people over 60 the internal organs are in such a mess it is difficult for students to identify things. They smell so bad students would run from the room and sometimes vomit. One time I had a student actually vomit in the cadaver, which in turn evoked almost every student in the class to involuntarily start vomiting all over the laboratory. After that incident I almost always tried to get the bodies of younger people killed prematurely due to an accident rather than disease so the internal organs would be more normal and less diseased.

“What was surprising to me at first was how many such young, supposedly healthy individuals, would have fairly normal looking internal organs, but when you got to the liver and gallbladder, well it was like an alien encounter.

“Often the liver was shaped drastically different, swollen much larger than normal, filled with bloody fluids, pus, tumors, scar tissue and parasites. Sometimes there was so much swelling that the liver had doubled in size and extended way beyond its normal area, even down into the area normally occupied by the spleen and colon.

“The gallbladder was often really quite frightening to students, again being stretched way out of shape, often doubled in size, hemorrhaging internally and filled with coagulated liquid fats, pus, blood, gallstones, worms, and just ungodly goop that was literally unidentifiable. Every student was shocked to see such advanced disease and degeneration in such young, supposedly healthy people.”

So if this was observed in supposedly healthy, young people several years ago before chemtrails, just imagine the shape that your liver and gallbladder are in now; especially if you are experiencing health problems. With all the talk of strengthening your immune system, doing an annual colon cleanse, nourishing your liver and doing a gallbladder flush is also vital in keeping your body disease-free.

Not only that, but each diseased organ tends to have a correlation in the spiritual plane as well. The liver is especially significant since it is the seat of anger, especially repressed anger. As we move through these “latter days” it is important to transmute this repressed anger into positive action. Use what your life's experiences have been to help another going through similar experiences. Develop networks of like-minded folks. Help one another, and work on moving your “grudges” towards another person into compassion and forgiveness, “for they know not what they do.” This really is the key, and I know from personal experience.

I was suffering from gallstones and did not know it until I went to a chiropractor. He told me that the pain under my right “rib cage area” was from an inflamed gallbladder. He suggested I do a gallbladder flush. I went home and immediately embarked on a three-day gallbladder flush. I had several stones come out but the pain persisted. I did it again a week later; there was still a dull nagging pain. So after Christmas 1989, I did it a third time. But this time I also realized that I was holding onto some deep-felt resentments directed towards my former husband. I had been holding inside these feelings of anger from several past incidents and needed to let them go. I decided that I needed to become a “prayer warrior” with regard to my own healing. Everyday I woke up to affirm my commitment to releasing these negative emotions. My focus was to forgive him for his actions towards me and move into a space of compassion, understanding and patience. The process was quite amazing to me since the dull, nagging pain gradually subsided even though I got very few “stones” out with this last gallbladder flush. It appeared to me that the pain left in proportion to the spiritual work I was doing on myself and our relationship.

After this experience, I was able to help many others “save” their gallbladders from surgery. I always mentioned the correlation between deep-seated anger and the formation of gallstones and liver problems. It always seemed to ring true when I mentioned this and the ones who listened, improved their family relationships in the process of healing their liver and gallbladders.

Two years after my own healing, my former husband came down with a gallbladder attack and opted for surgery. My friends were surprised and thought I would have a lot of feelings about his choice to have his gallbladder removed. Through my own healing I was able to allow him the space he needed to make his own choices and not be judgmental. The fact that he knew he had a choice and was opting for surgery caused him to judge himself far more harshly than if he did not have this knowledge, so feeling compassion for him was fairly easy!

Although I highly recommend Dr. Schultze's excellent gallbladder flush and liver cleansing program, there are also many other similar gallbladder flush programs out there. For anyone who simply wants the basic instructions to a couple different types of gallbladder flushes, send a SASE and $1 to The Idaho Observer.

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