From the April 2002 Idaho Observer:

From the Editor's Desk:

We are winning

It may be true that “we” are in a race with “them.” The race is to save our Constitutional Republic by creating a critical mass of public opinion significant enough to save our country from technotyranny before “they” put the final touches on the virtual prison they have been building in the land of the free.

When I began this activistic odyssey in June, 1995, the patriot community was almost purely reactionary. We had no infrastructure in place to affect change, we would show up armed with our angry and indignant Revolutionary War attitudes and The Citizen's Rule Book and proceed to give the liberal media a lot of grist for their anti-government extremist mill.

We may have been right in principle, but our ability to win friends and influence people left a lot to be desired.

As time has passed, the seeds we planted in anger began to grow into a public conscience that is being fertilized by government extremism that is leaving very few of us untouched.

As of today, we have armies of seasoned activist citizens demanding rights and public documents, filing briefs and bravely defending themselves in the corrupted courts of this land. Some of them are winning; we have dozens of excellent alternative party candidates running for office in a nation so fed up with the tyranny they have more than an outside chance of winning and; we have judges and attorneys admitting that the system is so vile that the people have lost faith in it.

Government agents are becoming so flustered with our suddenly sophisticated activism that they are unable to deal with us. They keep passing so many laws to try to keep us down they haven't enough time to make sure the new laws they are passing doesn't screw up their ability to enforce an old law.

The increasing sophistication of American activism is forcing government agents to behave so transparently that their veneer of public servitude is being stripped away to reveal the true nature of the bureaucratic machine: Lawless oppression.

The pages of The IO have traditionally contained the stories of Americans who have been run over and devastated by the system. Quite of its own accord, the pages are beginning to fill with people who have been run over and are fighting back -- successfully. They are even getting favorable press in the dominant media.

In spite of the fact that the world is on the verge of WWIII; in spite of the fact that each day is a new adventure in totalitarianism here in post-Sept. 11 the land of the free, I find myself smiling a lot and even laughing out loud. Read each article herein. We've got the bastards on the run. We have exposed them and all that's there are little men behind the curtain. It's a sprint to the finish line and I think we are ahead. (DWH)

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