From the April 2002 Idaho Observer:

J.A.I.L Tour teaches valuable lesson:

People everywhere and from all walks of life are tired of this

HAUSER -- Organizers of the statewide petition drive in support of Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) for judges completed its first tour of Idaho in St. Maries March 16. “What we learned in our tour of the state was that people are tired of this crap,” said tour speaker Leonard Browning, founder of Citizens Against Corruption (see page 5).

Browning's observations are supported by other tour members. “Though we have talked to hundreds of people from all over the state, not one of us has spoken to even one non-judicial citizen who had anything bad to say about our intent to make judicial accountability the law. We were extremely well-received everywhere we went and by everyone we met,” said tour spokesman Scott Thurston.

According to Idaho J.A.I.L. chapter leader Rose Johnson, the purpose of the tour was to organize activists throughout the state to gather the 43,685 qualified signatures needed by April 30 to insure judicial accountability will be on the ballot for elections next November. “We made a lot of contacts while the tour was in progress. Now we are following up with phone calls,” Johnson explained.

The J.A.I.L. petition drive defines the term “grassroots organization.” To get the necessary signatures, Idaho J.A.I.L.ers had to travel the state to find wardens willing to circulate petitions and spread the word about the state of judicial anarchy in the state and the nation. While it remains to be seen if Idaho J.A.I.L. will meet the target of almost 44,000 petition signatures in time to get on the November ballot, Idaho J.A.I.L. has brought statewide attention to the issue. Attorneys, general and judges are now justifiably concerned that the system they have built to plunder ordinary people is being exposed for the extortion racket that it has become.

Those who are interested in judicial accountability and want to be put in contact with petition circulators in their area are encouraged to contact Johnson at (208) 773-6274.

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