From the April 2002 Idaho Observer:

Veteran district judge facing criminal charges?

SANDPOINT -- In what has to be one of the most bizarre developments, the infamous Idaho District 1 Judge James Michaud has been charged with felony and perjury charges by Coeur d'Alene attorney Starr Kelso. The story was originally reported to The IO by friends who heard it on KSPT radio April 5. Charges were filed March 29.

Also during the week of April 5, Kelso announced that he was running against incumbent Linda Kopple-Trout for a seat on the Supreme Court. “I am seeking the position of the current chief justice not because she is a bad person but because in my opinion she has failed Idaho citizens by not using her unique position in the Idaho judicial system to lead Idaho's lawyers and judges toward an open and accountable justice system,” Kelso said in his press release.

Since charges were filed and not thrown out by Magistrate Judge Barbara Buchanan, there has been no more information. The IO attempted to see the court file and was told that it had been “sealed.” When asked why, no answer was given.

Judge Buchanan will not comment. Kelso's office has no comment, either.

It is rumored that Kelso asked Judge Buchanan to swear out an arrest warrant for Judge Michaud. Judge Buchanan reportedly denied the request and told Kelso she would issue a summons for Michaud to appear in court.

Note: According to a report, the name James Michaud has appeared on the publicly accessible “ISTAR” computer at the district court. Though the computer would not allow access to any information, the judge's name did appear. As of April 12, James Michaud no longer comes up in the ISTAR computer.

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