From the April 2002 Idaho Observer:

Bogus Shaken Baby Syndrome conviction appeal filed

Critical case could stop trend that imprisons innocent parents as cover for medical malpractice

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The long-awaited appeal of Alan Yurko was filed March 22, 2002. Yurko was sentenced by a Florida judge to serve life plus 10 years in prison for shaking his baby to death.

The evidence shows that Yurko's conviction was actually a cover for medical malpractice. Baby Alan was born premature and sickly after a an extremely difficult pregnancy. Though Baby Alan was contraindicated for vaccines due to his many medical complications, his pediatrician gave him six vaccinations all at once at age two months. Two weeks later Baby Alan died after Yurko had rushed him to the hospital.

Yurko was then arrested and railroaded into prison for the murder of his son.

Since being sent to prison in 1998, Yurko has been building his defense. His story has been published in numerous magazines and newletters all over the world. Yurko is a brilliant and charismatic man who has brought the international anti-vaccination community together in an effort to raise awareness and win his case. Winning this case is critical. Hundreds of innocent mothers, fathers and caregivers are currently being imprisoned for “Shaken Baby Syndrome” to cover the fact that vaccines are killing more and more babies. It is estimated that hundreds of innocent parents are currently imprisoned for murdering their babies when science could prove that their babies died as a result of complications from vaccinations. In the last three months, six such cases in southern Idaho alone have come to the attention of The Idaho Observer.

It is unknown at this time when Yurko's appeal will be granted. According to Yurko, “The appeal is a collateral attack on my judgment and the sentence and has various stages and branches it could grow. The appeal is filed with the trial court and not the District Court of Appeals (DCA).”

Yurko explained that his appeal brief is long and complex and it could take anywhere from three months to 18 months for a ruling. “What we expect is to gain an 'evidentiary hearing.' That's the first step. At this hearing, I will be able to present experts and evidence,” said Yurko.

That eventuality will present some logistical complications as experts coming in from all over the world will be descending on Orlando, Florida and will need accommodations. “We will continue to raise money and if we don't, well...I happen to have an extra kidney for sale if anyone's interested,” Yurko said humorously though not entirely kidding.


The 100-page brief will be posted to the Yurko Project website at

“My rude awakening to medical Armageddon,” the Alan Yurko story was first published in the February, 2001 edition of The Idaho Observer. It is available both as a hard copy and at

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