From the March 2002 Idaho Observer:

The Palestinian Example: A 13 Step Plan For Turning People Into Terrorists

by Hari Heath

1. Occupy the Palestinian's former homeland, Palestine, including sacred religious sites and rename it Israel. Invite foreigners to live there and set up a new government.

2. Banish the native population to camps and towns in the more desolate areas.

3. Whenever the natives get uppity and take action to get their country back, take more ground and move them farther into the desert, while the new citizens build settlements and farms in the newly seized territory.

4. Offer the Palestinians a life of hopeless subjugation.

5. Disarm them while encouraging the new citizens to routinely carry fully automatic weapons in public.

6. Give them no real option for remedy or redress, save taping explosives to their own bodies in a desperate hope for final justice.

7. Swiftly administer official “retaliation” for Palestinian acts of “terrorism” by attacking from the air with F-16's and helicopter gunships, battleships at sea, and snipers and tanks on land.

8. Target political leaders and innocent civilians.

9. Place their primary political leader on house arrest and then bomb his house repeatedly.

10. After years of pretended peace talks, continue to talk peace, but do not allow the Palestinian leader to come to the talks because he is now a “terrorist.”

11. When years of “retaliation” have reduced the Palestinian towns to rubble, no longer worthy of airstrikes and shelling, move the survivors into camps and bulldoze the remaining structures.

12. Surround these camps with an awesome military presence and isolate them from each other so they cannot communicate and plan further “terrorist” acts.

13. By now, every Palestinian is suspect and might become a “terrorist” on a moment's notice.

This is the process used to create Palestinian “terrorists.” It has been accomplished with billions in U.S. aid to “Israel,” and, in large part, with U.S.-manufactured military hardware. And for the record, “President Bush, just who is this axis of evil?”

This 13-step plan can, of course, be slightly modified to turn almost anyone person or any group of people into “terrorists.”

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