From the February 2002 Idaho Observer:

The Gunrunner

I am the last of the American Patriots.

The blood of my ancestors watered the Seed of Freedom which has so grown as to be the envy of all other nations on the Earth.

My beliefs are those of the warrior, the physician, the merchant, the philosopher and the man.

I am NOT a product of my environment; my environment is a product of me.

I am the most dangerous man on the planet. I am he who socialists, communists and Democrats fear and hate: I am he who would make you THINK.

I believe that a man with an “open mind” has an empty head. If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything and only cowards have no convictions.

My convictions are based on history, sanity, reality and honor.

I am the enemy of those whom would control, limit, or destroy America or Americans.

I am the enemy of those creatures that would bend reality to suit their own selfish and perverted goals.

My words are echoed by every proud and honorable man and woman in every nation on this planet.

I am. . .The Gunrunner.


The Gunrunner

In life, there are a thousand fronts from which one may fight; a thousand battles that may be fought and a thousand causes that ethical men and women would wish to participate in.

In this column we will place emphasis on the “Right To Bear Arms,” or the simple, yet basic right of the individual to protect himself. We will also delve into the mental aberrations that some exhibit when condemning this most basic of survival traits.

Our Founding Fathers lived under the oppression, deceit and the arrogance of unbridled power. The “straw that broke the camel's back” was when the English army attempted to confiscate the muskets, ball and powder that the colonists had obligingly (under the King's orders) stored in a building under lock and key.

When the Constitution of The United States Of America was drawn up and the first 10 Amendments were added, they had that episode in mind as they wrote:


That has been the law of this land since 1791. Yet, in the past 75 years we have seen our “servants” (the Federal Government) murder, burn, steal from and destroy thousands of honorable American citizens all in the name of “Law” and restrictions that have no bearing on crime, sanity or ethics, and in direct violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Yet city, state and federal agents who commit these heinous crimes against their own citizens literally get away with murder. Why?

Even while watching federally-sanctioned criminals murder almost 100 men, women and children at Waco, thousands of Americans still had their heads planted firmly in some deep, dark hole, thinking “it'll never happen in America.”

Americans are fat, happy, have plenty gas, food, clothes, Walmart and its cheap Chinese products, insurance for any screw up we do, 200 TV channels to drug us into stupidity, the public schools as a free baby sitter, and “Uncle Sugar” will take care of us when we finally give up.

Cradle to grave, cradle to grave.

We have our politicians, and I mean ALL our politicians, working to disarm us stupid, evil, dangerous citizens. Why? Because they have a fear. A fear that, eventually, we'll stand and shout NO MORE!!! We did it over 200 years ago, and it worked quite well. For a short period. But we got lazy and wanted “security,” over liberty.

Benjamin Franklin had something to say on that subject:

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

That's as true now as it was in the late 1700s.

This isn't about “gun control.” This isn't about “crime control” or even about the so-well touted “for the children.” It's about fear. A totalitarian government can only rule by propitiation and fear. They either buy you off (which shuts up all the good little socialists) or they threaten to simply kill you, which pretty much shuts up the rest.

There is a group of humans in the world that I title “Those Who Would Control Us” (TWWCU). I don't care who they are, others will find that out and others will direct their battles toward them. I only care of the perversion they spread, and they've been doing it for over 6,000 years of recorded history.

These creatures “know what's best for us.” They “know” that we'll poke our eyes out or hurt someone if we run around with a knife, a sword, a long bow, a cross bow, a musket, a short barreled shotgun, or an “assault weapon.”

It's been the same drivel throughout history. You've heard their disciples speak -- most of them nowadays are Democrat politicians, though that party doesn't have a stranglehold on suppression, or stupidity, for that matter.

These creatures have plans to make this a more “safe and sane” world. Unfortunately, this (so-called) “safe and sane” world of theirs is void of personal freedom, individuality, honor, integrity and morals.

Now, us right-wing, Christian-extremist, homophobic, angry-white-male, racist, sexist, intolerant citizens have been given a unique manner in which to stop them. And it ain't by voting!

We can still shoot back. And that scares the hell outta them!

So, to make sure they can carry out their plans without interference from the “sheeple,” they MUST remove the final option Americans have against a government that's run amuck -- our guns.

TWWCU uses fear to motivate the ignorant and the cowardly. Most people who agree with gun control do so out of ignorance, willingness to “do the right thing” and sometimes, simple blind obedience to a political party.

Some who agree with gun control do so out of fear for themselves or their friends, knowing that, some day, they might have to answer for their criminal behavior at the point of a gun.

Now we come to the anti-gun zealots. These can be classified as pure evil, and make up about 15 percent of the general population. These are the mindless zombies of TWWCU and no amount of statistics to the contrary will ever convince them to change their anti-gun viewpoints. These people KNOW that we are too stupid and dangerous to have a gun in our hands, much less our house. They so fear possible retaliation for the evil plans that they MUST, at all costs, disarm us.

More on their perverted and disgusting philosophy later.

'Till next time, keep yer powder dry and watch yer back.

I am....The Gunrunner


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