From the February 2002 Idaho Observer:

From the editor's desk:

We have work to do

This may turn out to be the most important message I have ever penned to my extended family. If you are reading this, I am talking to you because we have this newspaper in common and through it we have all been growing up together. As I have been researching, investigating and reporting, so have you and through it all we have increased our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. By February, 2002, we know that most of what we were taught in school is a lie and that everything is not as it seems. We may not have all the answers to the problems that plague us, but by God we know that world tyranny is not one of them.

So, family, the few, the proud, the dissident, here we are. Have we spent the last several years swimming upstream bashing against rocks and dodging bears for our own edification -- or have our studies been preparation for a higher purpose? Are we to be wrapped up in our knowledge and then shot for sedition or are we to turn what we know loose on our friends and family members in one last all out attempt to prevent the police state horrors that we know are just around the corner?

We all know the answer. Our problem is that we have become so frustrated in our previous attempts to educate those close to us that we are loathe to try it anymore. But we have no choice. We are the bearers of the knowledge that will save a nation and our time is running out.

There is not one of us that is more saturated in frustration than myself.

My mom is a wonderful, intelligent woman who refuses to cloud her world with ugly thoughts political. She is so afraid to be tainted with my anti-bad government extremism that people we have known most of my life have no idea that a newspaper has me. It is illegal to discuss politics and spirituality in her presence. My dad, with whom I got along famously while Clinton was president, has suddenly forgotten everything we had been discussing since 1995 and believes that those who question the integrity of the Bush administration should be shot for sedition.

I have had very little contact with either of my parents, or any other members of my family and numerous long-time friends since Sept. 11. They have all either bought the post-Sept. 11 deceptions or are frightened to death that to exercise their First Amendment rights to protest what is happening will get them in trouble. Until almost this very moment, I had given up teaching them anything. But as we stand here on the eve of destruction, we must realize that in order to save our nation we can broadcast the knowledge we have to those around us. That means we have to summon the courage to approach friends and family members one more time and implore them to take the time to look critically at the evidence that suggests our world is about to come crashing down with violence and devastation so complete that history has no comparison.

Then we have to show them how they can be part of a movement that foiling the totalitarian society that has been planned for our children and grandchildren.

This edition of The Idaho Observer has been constructed to accomplish a mission: With this 24 pages I intend to lift the veils of deception from friends, family and government employees. Each person is a special case. Once they have read the paper I will talk to them again. My efforts will be tailored to reach them specifically based upon their personality. Everything I have learned about people and politics and tact will be employed to achieve the intended result -- to start a wave of non-violent resistance to the policies that are assuring our national demise.

God gave us the passion to defy the world around us and become knowledgeable about matters vital to our inalienable rights and our spiritual growth. He did this for a reason. I do not believe that He compelled us to unearth this knowledge so that we could be executed for having it. We are armed with knowledge because knowledge is the most powerful of weapons. With this knowledge we have been anointed to save our nation and stop the evil that intends to destroy it.

We are family. We have work to do. Failure is not an option. ~(DWH)

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