From the February 2002 Idaho Observer:

Are you a Citizen or a slave?

Are you sure about that?

Most people born within the confines of this country or its territories take their citizenship for granted; American citizenship and U.S. citizenship are interchangeable terms that have no mutually exclusive conditions that make one type any more or less desirable than the other. Therein lies perhaps the most fundamental deceptions as the terms are as different as freedom and slavery. Understanding the types of citizenship and the rights and responsibilities that correspond with them is of paramount importance. Failure to grasp the significance of your status as a citizen allows those that do to prosecute presumptions about you for the purpose of exploitation. This point is so important that the manipulators of legal language have thoroughly mined the field over centuries in an attempt to keep us confused about our real rights and responsibilities as dictated by our citizenship status. So, do not skip over this article and do not gloss over words you don't understand. Get your law dictionary out and give this material the attention it deserves because citizenship status has everything to do with you and how the people who presume authority over your life must act toward you.

By Mike Stone

Slavery has been a condition of the human experience since the times of the Old Testament. Since it has become politically incorrect to openly refer to people held in bondage as slaves, slavery has been forced underground. It has taken hundreds of years to perfect the language and legal mechanisms that enslave people while simultaneously fooling them into believing they are free. The research conducted to begin unraveling the issue of citizenship began with my investigations into what passes for perfected method of land transfer. It turns out that your ability to actually “own” land is directly tied to your citizenship status.

After two years of research, I did my first Land Patent and that was some eight years ago. Following are some terms you will need to understand how and why all real property in the United States of America is now presumed “acquired” by the federal government and rent on that land is paid in the form of taxes.

At the end of this article you will see how this unfortunate set of circumstances allows the federal government and its agents to presume that we own no property and are consequently so impoverished that it can justify “ownership” of our children.

Title 18, Section 7(3) of U.S. Code states that all land is pretended to be acquired by the United States (the corporation), it is presumed to be in the federal zone and under special maritime jurisdiction which is why you see the gold-fringed flag (naval battle flag of Admiralty jurisdiction) in the court room.

Look up the words “curtilage” and “messuage” and “house” and “household” and “family” in older law dictionaries. The “federal zone” = the “federal messuage.” If you are presumed to be a resident/domiciled/inhabitant in the federal household you are presumed to be under the “patria potestas” of the head of the household called “pater-familias.” Patria potestas is the absolute power of life and death over all members of the household/family (all members are subject to the income/import/re+venue (change of venue) tax -- see the 1939 tax code under “household” and read between the lines for hidden meanings).

When you “RECORD” property with the County-of clerk/recorder, you are presumed to transfer lawful title to the State that is an agent of the Federal Government. You are presumed to have done a “cessio bonorum” (where you have voluntarily surrendered and assigned property to be distributed among the creditors of the bankrupt Corporate United States) and you are presumed to be an accommodation party for the ALL-CAP-NAME “commission merchant” of State or “merchant-denizen” trading in the foreign market place called the Federal Zone (District of Columbia). You are presumed to have assigned all of your so-called property over for distribution among your creditors ultimately foreign merchant bankers for your voluntary participation in the nation's bankruptcy.

When you “cede” your land by registration, you have turned private property into public property called “real estate” or “royal tenure” making it “curtilege” of the federal “messuage” which is then euphemistically rented back to you for so called property taxes -- presumably tenure services to the “mesne lord.”

Curtilage of the federal “messuage” (District of Columbia and all the States, Territories, etc.) is called “acquired land” under Title 18, Section 7(3).

Saxon Land Law, the ancient Common Law, is the primary source of the recent common law supposedly presumed dead but is in fact still very much alive.

It is my opinion that sages of the law present presumptions as facts and entrap themselves in their own grandiloquent cages. For example, it is fashionable among “patriot” circles to claim that the ALL-CAP-NAME is the name of an artificial entity. To make such a claim is to present a presumption as a fact. The ALL-CAP-NAME is only the name of an artificial entity if you intend to treat, or intend to be understood as treating, the ALL-CAP-NAME as the name of an Artificial Entity. To make that claim is to prove the opposition's undisclosed presumption of your undisclosed intention with regard to the ALL-CAP-NAME -- which is what you NEVER want to do. You must conclusively rebut all silent presumptions of your pretended intentions.

How can you do that? By getting the opposition to agree with you by default called “dishonor.” You must get the opposition to agree with you by failure to appear and answer you. The opposition then, by acquiescence, disclaims its own undisclosed presumptions of your undisclosed intentions. The primary modus operandi of profligate reprobates (licentious, depraved, deviates) is to make and hold undisclosed presumptions of your undisclosed intentions. And you must absolutely trick them into rebutting these unrevealed unilateral adhesion contracts or you will lose by undisclosed presumption(s).

Here are some undisclosed presumptions of undisclosed intentions (unrevealed unilateral adhesion contracts) that absolutely must be counterattacked meekly and humbly:

1. The presumption raised by the birth certificate that your father and mother were never lawfully wed -- since your mother's married name is not shown!

2. The presumption raised by the birth certificates that you are born out of wedlock -- since your mother's married name is not shown!

3. The presumption raised by the birth certificate that you voluntary treat the ALL-CAPS-NAME as the name of an ARTIFICIAL ENTITY.

4. The presumption raised by the birth certificate that you contract to act as a commission merchant for the merchant-denizen voluntarily and that you contract to act as an accommodation party answering for the debt, default and miscarriage of the ALL-CAP-NAME commission merchant State of (created by the body politic through the letters patent called the 14th Amendment) in the foreign marketplace forum called the Federal 'messuage' (D.C. and all other corporate states).

5. The presumption that you voluntary accept (silence = acquiescence = tacit consent) all of the above when you reach full age and don't object to the presumptions in the birth certificate timely and properly.

Please note: If you are presumed born out of wedlock, you are presumed born out of the realm -- meaning you are presumed not a member of the people of the land by right of blood. In other words, the birth certificate is presumed to work corruption of your blood, presumably making you an utlagatus (outlaw) and civiliter mortuus (civilly dead) and nullius filius (son of nobody, or a bastard).

This is all done through the old common law form called “Attainder By Default” which presumes that, if you are not one of the people of the land, you are presumed to have no access to the law (of the people) of the land. Consequently, you are presumed to be under the Roman Imperial Law of parens patriae which places you under the patria potestas of the paterfamilias more commonly known as “pontifex maximus,” formerly called “Caesar” now presumably the “Pope.” All of which presumably turns you into a “proletarius” who is one so poor that he cannot serve the State with money so the state claims ownership of his children.


Editor's note: Neither Mike Stone nor The Idaho Observerclaim to fully understand the nature of citizenship and how citizenship status affects a citizen's relationship with governing bodies. Even what has been stated above is mere analysis and interpretation of language as supported by what we see in real life. Anyone who claims to fully understand this intentionally complex issue is not to be trusted. What we can say for absolute certainty is that there are different types of citizenship and they each come with unique rights and responsibilities that must be demanded or they are presumed to be waived. (DWH)

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