From the February 2002 Idaho Observer:

What is that pill you are swallowing?

It does not matter the issue -- Money, politics, religion, food, medicines, consumer goods: It is our body, it is our life and if we swallow the wrong thing it is nobody's fault but our own. Freedom and responsibility are synonymous.

FDA recalls common OTC preparation ingredient PNP

Action begs question: “How many other FDA-approved drugs are dangerous?”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In January the FDA website began listing several common over the counter (OTC) and prescription drugs that were being recalled for containing the ingredient phenylpropanolamine (PNP). According to the 1996 edition of A Consumer's Dictionary of Medicines, the substance is a blood vessel constrictor that can be used as a decongestant and appetite inhibitor. PNP used to be available only by prescription but was later approved by the FDA for use in OTC preparations.

Already known to be dangerous for people with high blood pressure, heart problems, glaucoma, thyroid gland dysfunction, diabetes and urinary tract difficulties, the FDA site said that PNP has been linked to hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding of the brain) among women ages 18-49 within three days of beginning to take medications that contain it.

Though this recall was not initiated even in part due to complications in men or children, the FDA is recommending that everyone refrain from using medicines that contain the FDA-approved ingredient PNP.

Following is a list of common preparations that the FDA has listed as containing this dangerous substance:

Acutrim Diet Gum Appetite Suppressant Plus Dietary Supplements Acutrim Maximum Strength Appetite Control;
Alka-Seltzer Plus Children's Cold Medicine Effervescent;
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold medicine (cherry or orange);
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine Original;
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough Medicine Effervescent;
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Flu Medicine Effervescent;
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Sinus Effervescent;
Alka Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine Effervescent;
BC Allergy Sinus Cold Powder;
BC Sinus Cold Powder;
Comtrex Deep Chest Cold & Congestion Relief;
Comtrex Flu Therapy & Fever Relief;
Day & Night Contac 12-Hour Cold Capsules;
Contac 12 Hour Caplets;
Coricidin D Cold, Flu & Sinus;
Dexatrim Caffeine Free;
Dexatrim Extended Duration;
Dexatrim Gelcaps;
Dexatrim Vitamin C/Caffeine Free;
Dimetapp Cold & Allergy Chewable Tablets;
Dimetapp Cold & Cough Liqui-Gels;
Dimetapp DM Cold & Cough Elixir;
Dimetapp Elixir;
Dimetapp 4 Hour Liquid Gels;
Dimetapp 4 Hour Tablets;
Dimetapp 12 Hour Extentabs Tablets;
Naldecon DX Pediatric Drops;
Permathene Mega-16;
Robitussin CF;
Tavist-D 12 Hour Relief of Sinus & Nasal Congestion;
Triaminic DM Cough Relief;
Triaminic Expectorant Chest & Head Congestion;
Triaminic Syrup Cold & Allergy;
Triaminic Triaminicol Cold & Cough

To confirm these findings and take a look at other FDA-approved drugs that are being recalled, please take time to check the FDA's website at:

Bill would allow FDA to approve drugs after animal tests only

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Still reeling from the implications of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-commissioned Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA, The Idaho Observer, November 28, 2001), medical freedom activists discovered that the House and the Senate passed HR 3448, the “Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Response Act of 2001” last December.

Reportedly passed through both houses without any debate, the bill contains several provisions that grant people the status of lab rat. Most alarming is a congressional mandate that the Food and Drug Administration finalize and implement a 1999 FDA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would expedite the licensure process for drugs and vaccines to be used for biological preparedness and defense. The expedited process will secure FDA approval for qualified preparations after being tested on animals only. No human safety trials need be conducted for these experimental products that the federal government plans to mass administer to the general public.

The bill apparently received bicameral and bipartisan support as it rocketed through the parliamentary process to compliment the expected passage of state specific variations of the MSEHPA in the legislatures of the several states during their 2002 sessions.

MSEHPA is a 40-page proposal that would grant the governor of a state to declare a medical emergency under nearly any pretense and force people to subject themselves to state-prescribed medical treatments (such as vaccines) or face misdemeanor charges and imprisonment.

MSEHPA also provides that the state may occupy, condemn or destroy private property without just compensation -- in flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The new laws will work in tandem to throw away food and drug consumer protections that began with the Harris-Kefauver amendments to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act that were passed in 1962 in the wake of the thalidomide disaster.

They will also violate international law that bans the use of humans for medical experimentation without their knowledge or consent as established in the Nuremberg Code.

With U.S. Congressional passage of HR 3448 Congress has rubberstamped the likelihood that ordinary citizens will no longer have the option of informed consent with regard to the experimental substances government will force into the bodies of ordinary citizens. In this regard, the American people will have fewer rights than pets and livestock.

With passage of state-specific versions of MSEHPA, our new rights will be enforced at gunpoint.

The full text of HR 3348 can be found online at:

The full text of MSEHPA can be found at:

Education figures confirm autism epidemic in U.S.

Drs. Edward Yazbak and Andrew Wakefield “linked” the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism several year ago. Dr. Vienjdra Singh of the University of Utah conclusively proved the connection last October (The Idaho Observer, Nov. 28, 2001). There is no longer any scientific argument that can disprove the fact that MMR vaccine is the cause of this nation's autism epidemic. This fact begs the question: Why, then, is the MMR vaccine still “recommended?”

The figures below are from the U.S. Department of Education regarding the increases in incidence of autism among schoolchildren:

1992/1993          1996/1997          % Increase

12,222     34,354         181%

1992/1993         1997/1998         % Increase

12,222     42,487         248%

1992/1993     1998/1999         % Increase

12,222     53,561         339%

1992/1993      1999/2000         % Increase

12,222     65,396         435%

1992/1993     2000/2001         % Increase

12,222     78,717         544%

Note: Total reflects 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico

Latest figures for year 2000/2001

Department of Education figures confirm that an autism epidemic exists. Medical science proves that the MMR vaccine contributes to the development of autism. Two questions come to mind:

1. Will you tell pregnant friends and family that both science and statistics from the federal government prove MMR vaccine dramatically increases the likelihood that their baby will become autistic? and;

2. Will this lesson compel you to determine for yourself what substances are or are not safe for you and your family?

Vac guru/patent holder claims babies can handle 10,000 antigens

“At our April 6 autism hearing, Dr. Paul Offit disclosed that he holds a patent on a rotavirus vaccine and received grant money from Merck to develop this vaccine. He also disclosed that he is paid by the pharmaceutical industry to travel around the country and teach doctors that vaccines are safe. Dr. Offit is a member of the CDC's advisory committee and voted on three rotavirus issues -- including making the recommendation of adding the rotavirus vaccine to the Vaccines for Children's program.”

~From the Opening Statement by Chairman Dan Burton, Committee on Government Reform titled: “FACA: Conflicts of Interest and Vaccine Development: Preserving the Integrity of the Process,” Thursday, June 15, 2000.

Offit stated January 7, 2002, that an infant's immune system is so strong that it has the “theoretical capacity” to respond to roughly 10,000 vaccines at any one time.

“This statement is insane,” said President Ingri Cassel of Vaccination Liberation. “If babies' immune systems are so strong why does breastmilk contain colostrum to protect them and, if a baby's immune system is so strong, why would they need vaccines to prevent childhood illnesses?”

Pharma drugs nation's No. 1 killer?

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study by Dr. J. Lazarou on how many people die each year from adverse reactions to drugs taken per manufacturers' recommendations (April 15, 1998).

Intentionally excluding deaths from improper administrations and abuse, the study estimated that 106,000 people die each year from proper use of FDA-approved prescription drugs.

The figure indicates that the proper administration of pharmaceutical drugs is one of the nation's leading cause of death.

The news should come as no surprise to consumers. Modern pharma drug commercials on TV come right out and tell you how wonderful their new drug is for aches and pains, nausea or insomnia and then mentions that it may cause cramps, bleeding, headaches and death.

Curiously, sales of such drugs are apparently brisk enough to warrant expensive advertising campaigns.

One of the most commonly used drugs is aspirin. Though generally understood as a safe drug, reports that have been published over the years in JAMA and other medical journals estimate that between 7,600 and 17,000 people die each year from stomach bleeding caused by aspirin.

Editor's note: The contents of the articles above are representative of several inescapable truths.

1. Even if the FDA approves something as safe, it can kill you.

2. In the event of chemical and biological attack, the government has the same (or less) regard for you as it does pets and livestock.

3. The relationship between MMR vaccine and autism is real.

4. The reason vaccines are recommended by the government is because the government uses, as advisors, the same people who make a profit every time a vaccine is hypodermically injected into your baby's body.

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