From the January 2002 Idaho Observer:

Report links military-industrial suspects and contractors to anthrax mailing mystery

Last December 4, Dr. Leonard Horowitz released a flow chart (available at his website: and an extremely well-documented report that seems to solve the anthrax mail murder mystery that has supposedly stumped law enforcement and frightened politicians since Sept. 11.

The accuracy of Dr. Horowitz's report and flow chart were made evident as their release sparked an incredible spin campaign in the dominant media that came close to exposing some of the conspiracy. Then, the media inducted a new member of the government's lone nut club as a pathetic and easily discredited explanation of the classified disappearance of the army's anthrax.

SAGLE -- A special report released by Dr. Len Horowitz Dec. 4, 2001, implicates some of the most powerful pharmaceutical industrialists, contractors and government agencies in an intricate web of special interest-driven motivations that have resulted in immensely profitable post-Sept. 11 biological terror hysteria in America.

Dr. Horowitz began his investigations almost immediately after the tragic events of Sept. 11. By October 1, 2001 -- nearly two weeks before the first publicly announced anthrax mailing -- Dr. Horowitz informed the FBI that he had uncovered evidence which indicated certain government and corporate entities were working in concert to promote anthrax-related psychological operations in America. Though Dr. Horowitz's concerns were well founded and well documented, the FBI did not honor the internationally-renowned author and public health educator with a response.

“The FBI's refusal to consider the evidence I handed to them in person did not discourage my investigations. In fact, it encouraged me to continue them in earnest because I knew then that we were on our own. I knew it was imperative that I produce a flawlessly documented report and distribute it to as many people as possible if we are to avert the public health disaster that is being planned for us,” said Dr. Horowitz.

The 19-page report includes references to the books, magazine and newspaper articles from which Dr. Horowitz compiled the clues which, when assembled, reveal the bioterroristic plans for our collective cultural and physiological demise. He has also produced a detailed flow chart above that illustrates the incestuous web of public and private connections responsible for the new era of bioterror hysteria and the Hegelian increase of government surveillance and spending that has resulted.

“Most heavily implicated is Batelle and Bioport, both of which maintain financial and administrative links to highest level U.S. national security officials and agencies and the DoD's Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program,” Horowitz explains in the report.

Besides Bioport and Batelle, the report names pharmaceutical companies Merck, Wyeth-Ayherst, Aventis, Oravax, Bayer, Hoechst, Baxter, American Cyanamid and American Home Products; government entities named include the Bush administration, FBI, CIA, DoD, CDC, DoE, the Emergency Preparedness Task Force, FDA and the National Institutes of Health. Several family investment groups (such as the bin Ladens, the Bakers and the Bushes) and research institutes are also named.

It appears that the incentive for pharmaceutical company participation in this conspiracy is economic for there are $billions to be made in the sale of anthrax and other vaccines. Government participation could be motivated by its desire to erect a police state that has total power over the minds and bodies of Americans. “The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act ( would give public health officials the and states' governors the power to arrest, transport, quarantine, drug and vaccinate anyone suspected of carrying a potentially infectious disease,” Dr. Horowitz explained.

The MSEHPA also gives the state and its officers and agencies almost total immunity from death and injury that may result from state-ordered medical interventions and provides the authority for real and personal property to be commandeered, seized or destroyed without compensation.

“Since Len began connecting the dots on this conspiracy last September, I knew he was onto something big. Now that I have read his report, I feel deep down inside that he nailed this one. There is no doubt in my mind that we are intentionally being set up for a public health emergency of plague proportions, government occupation of American soil -- or both,” said Don Harkins of The Idaho Observer.

“The highest levels of government are involved in this plot against the American people. We are on our own. It is up to us to avert what history may remember as the most deadly public health nightmare of all time. Send this report to everyone you know. We have to get the word out and we have to expose this sinister plot before it is too late,” Dr. Horowitz concluded.

The full report and the correspondence that has taken place between Dr. Horowitz and the FBI (a rather one-way relationship) are available free of charge at

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