From the January 2002 Idaho Observer:

International protest delivers blow to organized medicine

BERLIN, Germany, November 28 -- The pharmaceutical industry's efforts to protect its trillion-dollar global market for frequently dangerous drugs has been thwarted. At a meeting in Berlin, pharmaceutical industry executives and politicians representing more than 50 countries met under the umbrella of the UN "Codex Alimentarius" Commission. The main purpose of this meeting was to establish global legislation intended to restrict public access to nutritional supplements and other natural health therapies.

This outrageous plan was met with an unprecedented outcry of protest. In the largest public health referendum ever carried out in history, Mike Culbert of the International Council on Health Freedom reported that his Italian contacts assured him that 300 million protest letters were sent by people from around the world to the members of the "Codex" Commission and to politicians. More than half of these protest letters were sent by concerned citizens of the United States who have recognized this Codex initiative as a direct threat to the freedom of access to dietary supplements and information about natural therapies allowed by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

Dr. Matthias Rath in Germany has been instrumental in coordinating the worldwide effort to stop Codex. "What is needed is consumer protection from the dangers of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs - not from vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for health and life."

The recent protests forced the extremely well-financed international pro-Codex governments and multi-national corporate forces to pull in their reigns. Though the Codex Commission will continue to wage parliamentary war on ordinary people for control of vitamins and health supplements, international activism won an important battle -- a sign that the organized medicine Goliath is not invincible.

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