From the January 2002 Idaho Observer:

Watchmen On the Wall to host town hall meeting

Water rights are under siege from tribe, state, and feds

KAMIAH -- The Watchmen On the Wall, LLC, will host a town hall meeting Feb. 19, 2002, at 7 PM at the Clearwater Valley High School Gymnasium in Kooskia, Idaho. All persons who consider their water rights important should attend. We plan to have guest speakers and present a legal plan to oppose the issues indicated in the article above and other disturbing aspects of this water rights controversy, including:

1. The Idaho Department of Water Resources has agents trespassing on private property for the sole purpose of mapping the location of all private wells in Idaho using the Global Positioning System. The bureaucrats claim to be immune from trespassing laws. We find NO statutory or constitutional authority for entry onto private property without permission.

2. The Idaho Legislature amended the Idaho Code in 1997, at I.C. 42-237a, to authorize the Director of the IDWR to shut down any private well and to install a metering device on any well. Did you know that? There has NEVER been a power given to a government agency that was not eventually used and abused! This statute must go!

The public is encouraged to attend and share ideas. The Idaho County Sheriff will be in attendance and will provide deputies for security.

Contact Tom Simmons of WOW at: (208) 935-1667 for more information

W.O.W. Water Rights Fund

Watchmen On the Wall, LLC, has opened a legal fund account specifically for these issues under the name Watchmen On the Wall Water Rights Fund. Contributions to this fund will not be used for any other purpose. If you cannot attend the town hall meeting, consider a contribution to the legal fund. Contributors may request an annual financial statement of the legal fund.

Mail contributions to:

P.O. Box 35
Stites, ID 83552


The Watchmen On the Wall, LLC.

Contact Tom Simmons (208) 935-1667

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