From the January 2002 Idaho Observer:

Probation officer to face civil charges for professional conduct in Leas custody case

MOSCOW -- In mid-February, 2002, the first jury trial is scheduled to begin with the Leas family prosecuting Probation Officer Tom Blewett for his attempts to manufacture a violation against Fred Leas to justify having him thrown in jail in 1999.

The Idaho Observer has been following the Leas child custody case since November, 1998. The State of Idaho insisted that the Leas girls stay in the home of their mother and step father Ruth and Paul Mohr after it had been proved that the home was an unhealthy environment for them. Leas and others have proved that alcoholism, substance abuse and trafficking, sexual, physical and emotional abuse were present in the Mohr home.

The entire ordeal seems to center around Latah County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson and his attempts to protect an underworld relationship with the notorious drug dealer Paul Mohr.

Under pressure from New Mexico authorities Ruth Mohr relinquished custody of the girls to their father last November. Now that Leas has custody, the conspiracy is expected to fall apart and the litany of judges, police officers, CSD workers and others who have participated in this nightmare are expected to be held civilly, if not criminally, responsible for their actions.

In an upcoming edition of The Idaho Observer, we will report on the outcome of the Blewett trial and review the entire Leas custody case.

The Leas case is a model of what can happen if your love is strong enough and you never give up.

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