From the December 2001 Idaho Observer:

Free Radio America

By Jan Blum and Dr. Gary Trexler

Out of the heart of liberalism comes a daily one hour broadcast with some golden nuggets that aren't being spoken elsewhere. It's worth an occasional listen. We dug through their archival broadcasts and here are some teasers: Oct 2 - “National Guard takes over Minnesota Government,” Sept 21 - “CIA Is Watching from the Sky” (new satellite launch), Oct 26 - “Civil Liberties Under Attack in India, Too,” Oct 25 - “Terrorism & Civil Liberties in Turkey,” Nov 6 - “40,000 Protest WTO in New Delhi,” Oct 23 - “Cheap Anthrax Drugs Available in India, but not US.” We're used to the cram-packed news from patriot stations and this cannot begin to compare. Nevertheless, gems are sometimes overlooked because they stand alone.

Question of the week posed by this hard-hitting broadcast team: “Terrorism has required an increase in security. What should be done when martial law troops move in?” Good question and these folks have lots of ideas. Their website combines online radio shows as well as news articles. One newsbit that caught our eye this week is: “New ! Spy Camera & How To Defeat the Technology.” They welcome articles.

The videos offered on Alex Jones' website (links provided on Patriot Broadcasting website) about the police state were made long before the current “War on Terrorism,” and watching them is like watching unfolding prophecy - but then, doesn't it all seem like that since September 11?

This station carries Alex Jones, Sean Conover, Nancy Koernke, and Yankee D. Keep up with current news about Mark Koernke's incarceration and legal battles - these folks need community support and encouragement. They support us day in and day out with brave hearts and voices talking about issues not heard in mainstream media, the least we can do is let them know we are listening and their sacrifices matter. The Alex Jones Show Airs Live Twice a Day, Mon-Fri from 11AM-2PM and from 9PM to Midnight (All Times Central Standard). Tune in via Satalite at: Galaxy 1, Transponder 17, 5.58 Wideband Audio, Horizontal Polarization Galaxy 9, Transponder 2, 7.3 Wideband Audio, Horizontal Polarization Satcom 5, Transponder 3, 7.5 khz 2:1 companding; 0 deemphasis Freq. 76.2 Narrowband Audio, Vertical Polarization. You can also listen on Shortwave on 3.260, and 6.900 upper side band.

“The right to free speech faces the strongest challenges during times of crisis.” So say the folks at Electronic Frontier Foundation who make it their job to document censorship. Active since 1990, they have radio broadcasts and online news about free speech and its challengers. In the radio section, there are shows about both Carnivore and Echelon as well as the effects of Big Business on free speech (when they pay the bills, they can dictate content).

EFF & other privacy groups have filed a FOIA suit to get details on the approximately 1000 detainees held in the aftermath of Sept 11. They are demanding details on the arrests and detainments from the Dept. of Justice. The entire suit is posted on their website; here is one portion: “In addition, there have been a growing number of reports which, if accurate, raise serious questions about deprivations of fundamental due process, including imprisonment without probable cause, interference with the right to counsel, and threats of serious bodily injury. See attached articles. Immediate disclosure of the requested information is necessary so that the public can be informed about the basis of these reports and in order to protect individuals against potential abuses.”

EFF creates ongoing list of websites and individuals censored in wake of 9/11 tragedy.

Free speech is built upon the premise that freedom of information is a basic right. These folks are doing the urgent work of shining a spotlight where these freedoms disappear.

Sometimes we are listening to a radio show and suddenly we find ourselves mentally taking over the show! Does that ever happen to you? If you've been feeling the internal pressure lately to do your own radio show, here's a spot to start. Prices and guidelines are listed on the website. This a new radio station on the internet and there are still lots of open spots on the schedule. Check them out now while they're getting started.

Two of their broadcasters include John Bender of Free Radio Republic and The Agitator Hour. Free Radio Republic is the “Fearless Radio” arm of Both shows air once a week.

The Agitator Hour is a no-punches-pulled look at money, taxes, politics, and the law. The Oct 31 show featured Mr. Leon Felkins, Executive Director of F.E.A.R. Forfeiture Endangers American Rights is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reform of federal and state asset forfeiture laws to restore due process and protect property rights in the forfeiture process. You can listen to this show from their archives - found on

Like the idea of doing one or two radio shows, but not sure you are ready to make the commitment to a regular show? This may be the answer. KLAV, out of Las Vegas, Nevada will help you produce a show of 30 minute or 60 minute duration. You are free to share an idea or opinion you have, ask for help with a project, advertise a service or product - whatever you want to get out to the public. KLAV is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week “brokered radio” station. The bad side of this is that it is the radio version of TV's home shopping network. The good side of it is - look how successful TV has been with this idea.

Gary and Jan can be contacted at

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