From the December 2001 Idaho Observer:

Researcher links MMR vaccine to autism

by Alan Yurko

A highly respected and well-published scientist at Utah State University has further linked autism to the MMR vaccine. Dr. Vijendra K. Singh's study, Neuropathologies in Autism, published in New Foundation of Biology, (Elsevier Science BV 2001: 447-58) provides evidence that links autism to measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine and postulates autism as a neuroautoimmune response that occurs at the neuroimmune biological interface.

Singh found that autoantibodies to myelin basic proteins were present in 80 percent of autistic children but that none were found in the normal children control group and only rarely in all other controls. These autoantibodies attack the basic proteins that constitute myelin, which surrounds the sheaths of nerve fibers. Autistic children had significantly higher levels of measles virus antibodies as compared to controls, which suggests a temporal link of measles virus with autoimmunity in autism.

Furthermore, Singh found that the higher the measles antibody count the greater the chance of autoantibodies to myelin basic protein. None of the children had a wild-type measles infection, but they all had been given the MMR vaccine.

Singh noted an open label trial of oral Sphingolin (myelin containing autoantigen) is being assessed. Preliminary results show significant improvement in autistic people, which further support the neuroimmune pathogenesis in autism.


Alan Yurko has galvanized the worldwide anti-vaccination community in an effort to overturn his life sentence for allegedly shaking his baby boy to death. The evidence shows that Yurko's conviction was a cover for gross medical malpractice in the administration of contraindicated vaccinations that killed his son. Visit the Yurko's website at: to understand why Yurko's pending appeal may stop medical experimentation through forced vaccinations.

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