From the December 2001 Idaho Observer:

Show your doctor what's in shots

95 percent of doctors clueless as to vaccine ingredients

by Don Harkins

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, an osteopath from Cleveland, had no idea what vaccines were made of until she attended the September, 2000 National Vaccine Information Center conference in Alexandria Virginia.

“I was an ER (emergency room) doc for 12 years and have operated an alternative healthcare practice for six years and I had no idea what was in vaccines. I always assumed they contained some virus and saline solution,” Dr. Tenpenny explained.

What she said next is shocking. “If I, an orthodox physician with an alternative care practice who is an information junkie to boot, had no idea what vaccines are made of, then 95 percent of the doctors out there don't know either.”

At the conference Dr. Tenpenny learned that vaccines are cocktails of toxic substances such as formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, alcohol and genetic material from aborted human fetal tissue, chickens, cows, sheep and monkeys. That was all it took for her to dedicate her tremendous research abilities to the vaccination issue. Last spring she organized her research into a two-day seminar that she taught to physicians in seven cities including Orlando, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco.

If Dr. Tenpenny's response to vaccine ingredients are any indication, then physician participation in mass vaccination could be the result of easily curable ignorance.

Every physician has in his office lists of vaccine ingredients. The ingredients, as well as test data, adverse reactivity and contraindications, can be found compiled in the Physicians Desk Reference or in package inserts that accompany vaccines by law.

“Get your doctor to read the PDR for the vaccines they intend to inject into your child,” Dr. Tenpenny advised. “Then get them to do the math.”

“A vaccine may only contain .002 percent of a toxic substance such as formaldehyde. The percentage may seem like an insignificant, or 'safe' amount. However, the percentages, particularly when multiple antigens are injected at one time, often exceed the parts per million safety guidelines established by the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency,” Dr. Tenpenny explained.

We are headed into an era where the federal government is going to recommend that states force people to be vaccinated against diseases such as smallpox. If we are to prevent such mandates we will have to convince doctors that vaccines are not safe. The easiest way to do that is make sure that they understand that vaccines contain toxic ingredients and foreign DNA that do not belong in the bodies of people.

Since drug salesmen and public health officials would rather physicians just pump people full of poisons rather than read about them, it is once again up to ordinary citizens to insist that they do the reading and do the math. Once they have done the homework, it becomes nearly impossible for physicians to justify vaccinating children as the most intelligent way to “immunize” them from childhood diseases.

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