From the December 2001 Idaho Observer:

Never mind the facts, stand in line and take your medicine like a good “patriot”

By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Mary delaFuente and Don Harkins

The first post-Sept. 11 biological scare was over anthrax. We were told to take the over-priced patented trade name antibiotic Cipro before symptoms of anthrax are apparent. The CDC's own Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) (Dec. 15, 2000) said that “antibiotics are....not effective against the spore form of the organism.” It also said that use of antibiotics before symptoms develop retards the maturation of the spores. “After discontinuation of antibiotics, the remaining spores [can] overwhelm the immune system and disease [can] develop.”

Cipro, at upwards of $4.77 per pill, has been described as a “defoliant” that kills a wide range of flora in the body and can cause numerous, immune system-compromising side effects. “No evidence demonstrates that Cipro is more or less effective than doxycycline [at 4 cents per pill] for antimicrobial treatment,” said a report in MMWR Nov. 2, 2001.

In other words, use of Cipro, manufactured by the Bayer Corp., before the onset of disease symptoms, effectively weaponizes anthrax in our bodies, setting us up to die from the disease (A full report on the anthrax issue is available upon request from The IO).

The second post-Sept. 11 biological scare is over smallpox -- a disease that the World Health Organization declared eradicated from planet Earth in 1981. The truth is that smallpox is clinically indistinguishable from cow pox and monkey pox -- diseases which are sill prevalent in developing countries.

After the WHO announced its extinction, it encouraged countries to send its stores of vaccine to the CDC in Atlanta or a lab in Moscow (before the fall of the Iron Curtain). The WHO reported 100 percent compliance.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson ordered 300,000,000 doses of smallpox vaccine with the intention of inoculating every American against the disease. A majority of those doses will be derived from old vaccine that has been diluted and administered in virtually untested lots. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported, “It has been estimated that if 1 million people were vaccinated [against smallpox with the old vaccine] as many as 250 would experience a severe reaction.” That is 1:4000. Seventy percent of people experience mild reactions.

People who have skin conditions or immune dysfunction are contraindicated for the vaccine. “Vaccinia virus is almost completely destroyed within six hours in high temperatures (90 F.) and 80 % humidity. In cool temperatures it can last up to 24 hours,” JAMA reported June 9, 1999. In other words, simple quarantine procedures would easily stop the spread of smallpox and mass vaccination is totally unnecessary. Besides, why would a “terrorist” use smallpox if measures can easily counteract its epidemic potential?

It appears that mass vaccination for either anthrax or smallpox is the vehicle being used to force subservience to government authority. People who take the vaccine will either die, be sick or, perhaps, find that the vaccine carried a microchip. Persons who resist the government vaccine will be easily identifiable. In all cases, the ability to resist the government will have been greatly diminished.

The best way to increase your natural immunity to disease is accomplished through diet, diet, diet, sleep, purified water, vitamin C, vitamin A and B complex vitamins.

(A full report on the smallpox issue is available upon request from The IO).

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