From the October 2001 Idaho Observer:

None dare call it cowardice

Bill Mahr, host of the widely syndicated TV talk show Politically Incorrect, questioned “official” reports that called the WTC tragedy “an act of cowardice” two days after the event.

Mahr's observation: call it what you want, but flying a plane into a building on a suicide mission is not an act of cowardice.

Since that time, affiliates have dropped the show and sponsors are pulling their advertising.

But that was probably not what got him in so much hot water. It was when he compared cowardice to the modern U.S. policy of lobbing bombs on cities and people from hundreds of miles away that the Politically Incorrect Bill Mahr may have found the his career jeopordized.

The cowardice continues as the new U.S. Department of Censorship unconstitutionally compromises a man's career because he made an astute observation.

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