From the October 2001 Idaho Observer:

Bonner county should have apologized to Rex Prewitt

OROFINO -- Rex Prewitt, 42, was asleep on his couch at approximately 10:30 on the cold and snowy night of January 25, 1999 when he was awakened by his barking dogs, opened the door to see what was amiss only to be peppersprayed by Bonner County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Skinner, and shot through the hand and shoulder by Bonner County Sheriff's Deputy Bill Tilson. The deputies allegedly considered Prewitt to be a suspect in a vandalism in nearby Sandpoint and took it upon themselves to sneak up on the Prewitt residence. The evidence shows that the deputies then planted Prewitt's unloaded handgun at the scene and claimed that their bad shooting was in self defense. Prewitt was sentenced June 6, 1999, by Judge James Michaud to serve 7-10 years in prison for assault on a police officer.

Since being incarcerated, Prewitt has filed for damages regarding the provably negligent manner in which Bonner County attended his serious gunshot wounds. Prewitt believes that he will prevail in this case. He has also filed a civil action against six law enforcement personnel including former Sheriff Chip Roos and former Sandpoint Police Chief Bill Kice (See the entire case file at: type: 01-86). In the course of events, the official story keeps changing while Prewitt's story has never changed. Prewitt's wife Lucy and IO editor Don Harkins crossed referenced the available documentation and presented the facts to the Bonner County Commission in March, 2000 (See the February, 2001 edition of The IO).

Prewitt has nearly completed his course as a paralegal. He is also an artist (see ad below) and a jeweler. He has been busy. He is innocent and it appears that Bonner county will have to answer for this one very soon. More good news next month.

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