From the October 2001 Idaho Observer:

Who are the real patriots?

patriot: one who loves his country (Websters pocket dictionary, 1974)

The week following the tragic events of September 11 were filled with prayers, candlelight vigils and an emergence of red white and blue flag waving on a scale that hasn't been seen in this country since the 40s. The networks and dominant dailies (the fourth branch of government) call this phenomenon a “resurgence of patriotism.” By extension the people who are participating in this flag-waving frenzy are called patriots. Indeed, my own father, who agreed with me during the Clinton years but idolizes the present administration, said, “I should have known you would find a conspiracy in this...The nose-ringed freaks that have been carrying candles and crying with me for the last week are more patriotic than you.”

This was a sobering slap in the face. It caused me to think about patriots and patriotism, both in the here and now and throughout our history. Americans can agree that our Founding Fathers were patriots. In modern times, up until September 11, 2001, we have watched the term “patriot” become so denigrated as to be synonymous with white supremacist, anti-government extremism. After September 11, the term patriot was resurrected and applied to the millions of crying, candle-carrying and flag waving Americans.

Do you love your country? Do you trust your government? Are you a patriot?

There is nothing in the definition of a patriot that commands one to blindly follow his government into war. It is implied, however, that a patriot will stand in defense of his country. Are you willing to stand in defense of your country?

There are thousands of Americans who love their country but cannot support the policies of their government because they feel they can prove that their government's policies, both at home and abroad, are less than honorable.

There are millions of Americans who love their country and support its policies because they have faith that their government will make them feel safe and that terrorism from without must be stopped.

Regardless of what people who love their country feel about the policies of their government, the discoveries that people who have been branded as anti-government extremist patriots have been dreading are coming to pass in the wake of the WTC tragedy. We have been reporting how the infrastructure of our unconstitutional occupation by government has been built stone by stone, law by law and agency by agency. We have been comparing the growth of this government monster to events in history that foreshadow the inevitability of police state tyranny. We have been anticipating the arrival of such an event, or a series of events, that would give government an excuse to declare a state of emergency that would result in the unveiling of the police state.

And now the moment has arrived. The police state is unfolding right before our very eyes almost exactly as we have so long feared it would. The old, mischaracterized pre-Sept. 11 patriots are preparing for the likelihood that the police state will soon rear its totalitarian head. The new patriots are waving their Chinese-made flags in apparent oblivion of the police state that is riding into our lives on the wave of their new found patriotism.

Up until now, the term patriot has been used to confuse the American public and keep it divided along lines of fear and suspicion. Use of the term patriot has been stripped of any real meaning. It is merely a label used for the purposes of mass mind manipulation. If the police state continues to unleash itself on the American public in accordance with the plan that has been foreseen, then labels will no longer be able to confuse the issue of patriotism. The people who love their country and the timeless principles for which it once stood, will rise to the challenges with which we are faced.

Who are the real patriots? It appears we are about to find out. History has shown that once a government erects a police state to oppress its subjects, it must crumble before freedom is restored to the people. (DWH)

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