From the October 2001 Idaho Observer:

Area activists present UN free zone proposal to Post Falls city council

POST FALLS -- A group of local activists led by retired Chicago police officer Ed Dunne formally petitioned the city council here to resolve that the community be designated a UN-Free Zone.

“The UN is an insidious and diabolical organization seeking world government, Its goals are diametrically opposed to our Bill of Rights and our precious Constitution,” Dunne said to the council at its bi-monthly meeting at 6 p.m. last October 2.

The group, which also includes Post Falls School Board Member Charles Eberle and Constitution Party of Idaho Chairman Mary Rutkowski, had advised the Post Falls city council and Mayor Clay Larkin that it wanted them to consider adopting a UN-Free Zone ordinance patterned after ordinances that have been passed in Laverkin, Utah and more recently in Bingham, New Mexico.

Eberle discussed the origins of the UN Charter, which he described as a Marxist/Leninist document that demanded, among other things, the total disarmament of the public. Eberle then humbly asked the council to adopt the ordinance as a sign that the people of Post Falls do not approve the UN agenda.

In response to Mayor Larkin's comment in the local newspaper that he does not understand why he is being asked to declare his town a UN-Free Zone when the UN is not here, Rutkowski explained that, “This is between Post Falls and its people. This is a local issue, a local action to protect your local population,” and send the message that the UN is not welcome “in our backyard.”

She went on to describe that most people think that the UN is a “lovely little organization” that helps and protects the people of the world. “The record shows that the UN is anything but a lovely little organization,” Rutkowski said.

She then handed each of the council members and the mayor a packet that contained some very concise and well documented information regarding the UN.

Mary Ann, a Gulf War vet, then testified to her experiences with the UN in that war and how the Presidio, a military installation near San Francisco, is now under UN control. She also spoke of foreign troops and equipment on U.S. soil.

Americans for a Constitutional Government Chairman Jack Gurganus was the last person to comment. He described how you can travel all across the country now and see the signs which prove that our national parks and monuments are becoming UN parks and biospheres. He asked the panel to help us maintain our national sovereignty.

Mayor Larkin suggested that the council table a decision until it had an opportunity to review the new material. All members of the panel, except one, seemed interested and willing to table a decision until the October 16 meeting.

Councilman Scott Grant, a probation officer, stated that he is not interested in reading the material and has “no interest in supporting a decision” that would make Post Falls a UN-Free Zone.

Note: The Post Falls City Council voted unanimously October 16 to not adopt the proposed UN-Free Zone ordinance. The reasons given indicated that the town's leadership is ignorant of the UN mission to aid in the implementation of world government.

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