From the October 2001 Idaho Observer:

Handcuffed Ruth Christine gives birth

State immediately separates newborn from mother

by Edgar Steele

MISSOULA, Mont. -- Ruth Christine gave birth to her fifth child in Missoula, Montana September 26, 2001. Before the mother's pain killers had even worn off, little Abbey Rose was seized by Montana authorities and is now being held at an undisclosed location. Ruth was shackled and handcuffed to the bed upon which she gave birth. Hospital attendants who witnessed the birth reportedly wept at the spectacle.

The baby girl's condition is unknown, but Ruth is mightily worried. “Brian (Ruth's husband) has severe allergies, for which he requires constant medication and which little Abbey Rose might inherit. Without the colostrum that my breast milk would have provided, I worry about my baby's health.” Colostrum, the mother's milk that is usually a baby's first few meals, provides important immune system reinforcement. No breast feeding. No bonding. No kidding.

Ruth was denied the opportunity to call anybody, even her lawyer, as she was taken in chains to the hospital delivery room.

Welcome to the New World Order, where it “takes a village to raise a child” and parents are only custodians for their own children -- children “owned” by the State.

The morning following birth, after the baby had been spirited away, Ruth was dragged before a judge, bound and still senseless from medication, to be served with a warrant for her extradition back to Oregon on charges that she abused her other daughters and helped her husband to “kidnap” them from the Oregon authorities who had pledged to adopt them out to others (See the horrifying details of this story in the September, 2001 edition of The IO). Ruth is expected to be handed over to Oregon within a few days. The abuse? The kids weren't fat, like normal American kids today. Oregon state officials claimed the girls were malnourished, yet just two weeks later pronounced them fit, in good condition and normal.

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