From the October 2001 Idaho Observer:

Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee releases “Final Report” on OK City

Independent investigators prove feds' prior knowledge, coverup in 1995 OK City bombing

OKLAHOMA CITY -- An independent team of investigators led by former Oklahoma State Senator Charles Key have released its “Final Report” on the bombing of Alfred J. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995. The book is an exhaustive compilation of facts, evidence, witness testimony, scientific reports that fill in the blanks left by eight years of dominant media press coverage and federal cover-up that ultimately led to the execution of Timothy McVeigh.

The report proceeds in a chronological manner that is easy to follow. We learn through its actions and evidence that the federal government almost immediately began spinning the story to present the image that McVeigh was alone the day the ammonium nitrate-fuel oil bomb exploded and caused the deaths of 168 (169?) people.

Witnesses who saw suspicious characters in downtown OK City the morning of April 19 were never called to the stand. All points bulletins issued by law enforcement to locate the suspicious characters were withdrawn immediately after the arrest of McVeigh an hour after the bombing, though he was held for two days before being officially connected to the incident.

Other witnesses who saw McVeigh in the presence of others days before the bombing and the morning of the bombing were excluded from court proceedings.

Witnesses who claim that their response to jump under their desks when the building began shaking moments before the blast were never called to testify.

Senator Key was apprised of these, and more inconsistencies within days of what, until September 11, 2001, was the worst “terrorist attack” in American history. “So many broken-hearted families affected directly by the bombing had unanswered questions and implored me, in my capacity as an elected official, to pursue further investigation into the case. This resulted in the formation of the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee by private citizens, which was funded solely by the private sector,” explained Key in the preface.

The report is a fascinating odyssey into the machinery of media mind manipulation as you begin to remember things that you saw and understood to be true at the time of the event but have long since been replaced with images intended to distort and confuse reality.

“We have sufficient proof to support our original contention that the federal government indeed had prior knowledge of the bombing....Evidence we have amassed establishes that multiple John Does were involved,” wrote Key.

Much of the evidence uncovered by the OBIC over the last six years has been ignored by the dominant media. The dominant media's insistence upon maintaining its role as propaganda ministry for a demonstrably weak official explanation of events in this, and other cases, may have emboldened the real terrorists, essentially lighting the runway for the most recent WTC tragedy to occur.

The final report became available prior to September 11. Yet the OBIC foreshadowed the WTC event by stating, “It is our belief that the bombing in Oklahoma City will not be the last terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Since all of the perpetrators have not been caught, they are still free to continue their work. This will happen again.”

It has taken a full six years to amass the evidence and get it ready for publication. It is logical to conclude that it may be another six years before a comprehensive, impartial compilation of the evidence regarding the WTC attack will be available to the public. Until that time, the Final Report is the anatomy of the federal government's cover-up of what is now the second most deadly “terrorist” attack in U.S. history and, as such, no doubt provides clues that will allow us to gain inference into the mechanics of this most recent attack.

The Final Report (550 pages) costs $30. Copies can be obtained by calling NorFed at: (888) 421-6181.

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