From the September 2001 Idaho Observer:

Is the income tax legal revenue or lawless plunder?

We the People force IRS to come clean before international audience Sept. 25

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- After years of research, tax court battles, jail time and, most recently a hunger strike, the tax honesty movement led by Bob Schulz of We the People will finally have its day in the court of public opinion. The previously independent investigations of income tax dissidents have come full circle and the federal government has finally been maneuvered into a position where it appears it will have no choice but to answer foundational questions with regard to its policy of taxing the wages of the American people.

“Congressman Bartlett is continuing to actively pursue and secure participation by representatives of both the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service at the September 25-26 forum organized by We the People,” said Lisa Wright, a spokesman for Congressman Roscoe Bartlett. “He expects Dan Bryant, Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legislative Affairs at the Department of Justice, and IRS Chairman Charles Rossotti to fulfill their personal commitments to him.”

Tax honesty researchers believe that the evidence supports the notion that wages are property, not income and that a tax on wages is a direct tax not authorized by the Constitution.

Other compelling research indicates that the 16th Amendment that authorized the collection of income tax was never properly ratified and that federal income tax collection is an extortion racket.

Schulz plans to meet with Bartlett's staff again the week of Sept. 3 to continue ironing out the technical details of the webcast and radio broadcast that will carry the historic event to the world live from Washington, D.C.

Aside from the technological communications preparations being made to broadcast the confrontation to as many people as possible, We the People have teams of lawyers, paralegals, researchers and support staff organizing their evidence. There is a feeling that this may be the best chance the American people will ever have at full public disclosure of the justifications behind federal tax collection policies.

Schulz wishes “to thank everyone who has supported this incredible effort to date. We are where we are today because of the significant generosity of a legion of supporters who have seen Bob, unlike so many before him, make rapid, real and demonstrative progress toward exposing this fraud upon the American people. We are almost there,” commented the We the People website.

See page 24 if you are moved to help this effort in some way.


Postscript: Under the circumstances created by our most recent national tragedy, We the People have conceeded to reschedule the September 25 event for some time in October.

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