From the September 2001 Idaho Observer:

Letter from Gary Phillips: We MUST identify the real enemy

In the February, 2000 edition of The Idaho Observer, we published the story of Gary Phillips, a lifelong federal employee who was ordered by the IRS to pay interest and penalties for back taxes he did not owe. After much investigation, Phillips retired as Immigration and Naturalization Services director at Sea Tac Airport and put all of his energy into defending himself and researching the tax code. Rather than pay tax he did not owe; rather than go to prison for taxes he did not owe, Phillips left the country. He now has time for reflection. Below are a few of his thoughts. It may be prudent to take his advice.


I hope this missive finds you and yours in good spirits and robust health.

Through a mutual friend, I received a copy of The Idaho Observer dated June 14, 2001. As always, I found more real news in this one copy than in a full year's printing of any establishment newspaper. I appreciate your efforts because I know that printing the truth is always a risky business.

I was particularly interested in the front page story relating to the “D.C. Court of Opinion.” My comment: Anyone who has gone through this so-called federal court system from arraignment to pleading-out or conviction, would have to be either dead or struck dumb to believe that justice would be the final result. We are slow learners!

I, like Gary Demott, went through the legal system provided by the United States Corporation like a dose of salts through a tall Marsian. I certainly did not and do not have the operating credentials possessed by Gary Demott. However, I knew from the first day of my arraignment (there were three) that all was not right in our so-called legal system. This system accepts what it wants and ignores everything else. Why not? It operates under the structure of the United States Code (our new Constitution, where admiralty jurisdiction reigns supreme). By now, I hope we all know and accept that the USC is Private Copyrighted International Law that is not applicable in any state of the Union. This is a stacked deck unlike anything I have seen on such a large scale. They cannot lose, unless it serves their purposes. What does that mean? When they want to pull our chain or lead us to slaughter or even make us feel like there is a chance, the court will simply come down with an appropriate decision. These decisions either make us depressed or elated. I fear they play us like fiddles, and we make the sounds. I expect they know that, when we are gulping down what is given to us, we will not be looking at what they are really doing to us. This whole process must be amusing to the owners of the United States Corporation. How very, very depressing! However, there is a solution.

In the “Opinion” article, mention is made of the corporation, but nothing of import relating to the corporate legal structure is said. For the past eighteen months, or so, I have been writing, and moaning about this corporation. I could go on for pages. However, if no one was interested the first time around, they will not be interested now. Suffice to ask, Who owns the corporation? I don't! Do you?

It would be interesting to know if your readers really know (truly understand) the true identity of their enemy. Do they believe that (collectively) the IRS, FBI, BATF, U.S. District Court, etc., is the real enemy or do they believe that this collective group is a symptom of the problem and a shadow of the enemy. A logical question would have to follow: If it is a symptom and a shadow, why then do we spend so much time and effort on them (perhaps we have been programmed)? The collective symptom is like an electric man; it can be eliminated immediately and completely simply by turning off the power. The shadow can be eliminated by the removal of the object making the shadow. On the surface, the United States Corporation is the power. However, the shadow* is more elusive. The object that makes the shadow holds the switch that controls the power. However, the holder of the switch, and ultimately, the power may NOT be in the United States or even be a citizen or national of the United States. Therefore, we are left to deal with a puppet government that is incapable of making the changes we need and a shadow enemy that is willing to sacrifice all of them for a fat bottom line. Unless we come to grips with this fact, there is no hope. Think about it. Then think about it again. The real cause of the problem may be much smaller than some think. There is a solution but not without realization. ONCE AGAIN, WHO OWNS THE CORPORATION?

When we go to court for justice under our Constitution we will ultimately receive the justice decided upon by a group of foreign international bankers. Do you like that? Perhaps you will like this, too: Most of these bankers have only financial interest in our united States of America and could care less about our constitutionally secured rights. These are not even a consideration. You see, it does matter who owns the corporation.

We must define our enemy. We must not let our enemy define our enemy or we may find we have been, once again, duped by our enemy. At the risk of sounding repetitive, let me say we cannot deal with an enemy we do not know.

If we define the true enemy, and accept that definition, there will be no fragmentation of our strength. Can you imagine the power and strength that would grow out of uniting against one defined enemy? There is but one truth, therefore, the strength of our true enemy would be diminished measurably simply by defining who they are. A dark environment is the workplace of evil. The bright light of truth and full disclosure (definition) renders the workers of evil naked before the world and produces a diminished potency.

We must remove their comfort zone. Many (not all) individuals who toil for the above listed agencies do so within their comfort zone. Don't you think they should be told the true identity of their employer? If told, would they have the same comfort zone? I doubt it. There is a conscious difference between a proclaimed government employee and a mercenary! Particularly when that employee may be called upon to kill his family or neighbors.

Know your enemy. The truth may set you free.

Gary Phillips, Forcibly expatriated American

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