From the September 2001 Idaho Observer:

What if contemporary “conservatives” were right and Congress knew it?

Casper, Wyoming man finds congressionally commissioned constitutional analyses support “patriot” arguments

CASPER, Wyoming -- Shortwave radio personality Mike Stone has uncovered a comprehensive, 1,700-page analysis of the U.S. Constitution published by the U.S. Government Printing Office June 22, 1964. The analysis, a revision of a similar document published in 1953, was prepared by the Legislative Reference Service, Library of Congress as per the provisions of Public Law 86-754 that resulted from the passage of a Joint Resolution September 13, 1960.

“The first constitutional analysis I have found was a 64-page document published in 1911. This 1,700 page analysis is an expanded revision of the analysis published for Congress in 1953. Another analysis was published in 1988. The most recent congressionally commissioned constitutional analysis of which I am aware, published in 1998, is an expansion of the 1964 version by 800 pages. It is available from the Government Printing Office for $174 and includes a 200-page addendum,” Stone explained.

Stone prefers the 1964 version because it explains in detail how the federal government has systematically, primarily through Supreme Court Decisions, perverted the Constitution into a contract to enslave the people of this once-free nation. According to Stone, the 1998 version of this illuminating document is identical to the 1964 version. The additional 800 pages reflects the insertion of new case law that merely builds upon the treasonous interpretations of earlier Supreme Court decisions.

“Such revised edition shall be printed as a Senate document, and three thousand and twenty-nine additional copies shall be printed, of which two-thousand two-hundred and five copies shall be for the use of the House of Representatives and eight-hundred and twenty-four copies shall be for the use of the Senate,” stated the Joint Resolution.

Completion of the analysis was so important to the 1960 Congress that it “appropriated such may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this joint resolution.”

While Congress may use these analyses and interpretations of the Constitution to justify the incessant growth of federal authority, constitutionalists can use the analyses to prove the many points of contention they have with the contemporary version of federalism.

Is the income tax on wages unconstitutional? Are Article III courts under admiralty jurisdiction? Is it constitutional to license “motor” vehicles that are not used in commerce? Are traffic laws constitutional? Does the filing of a voter registration card diminish a person's sovereign status? Do you need a license to be married? What is due process? How is “liberty” defined? What is federalism? What does the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution really mean? Did you know that Congress recognizes four distinct personalities of Supreme Court decision making?

The answers to those questions and more are found in the 1964 analysis. Rather than serving to defeat or convolute “patriot” arguments, the analysis lays the clear groundwork that proves them. In the process of detailing the depths of the treachery that has, over time, resulted in the loss of Americans' freedom, the federally-commissioned analysis exposes exactly the process by which the destruction of our constitutional republic has been accomplished.

“Of all my law books, I consider this 1964 volume of the Constitution's analysis and interpretation the most valuable in my collection,” said Stone.

Stone recognizes the pricelessness of this resource as evidence that can be used in court and as a reference work critical to research. For those reasons, copies of the 1964 analysis that he sends out include a certified and notarized statement that the recipient has received a true and exact copy of the entire work as originally published by the GPO.

A copy of The Constitution of the United States Analysis and Interpretation is available from Stone for $160, priority postage paid. The entire document weights 9.15 pounds and comes with the notarized certification and a table of context for easy reference to some of the most critical official justifications for constitutional transgression.

To obtain a copy of this important document, send a U.S. postal money order to: Mike Stone, c/o gen del, Mills, Wyoming [ 82644 ], or call: (307) 234-7608.

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