From the August 2001 Idaho Observer:


ROCHESTER, New York -- Retired Rochester, NY, Police Officer Ralph Boryszewski has just published a concise, 26-page booklet entitled “TREASON” that proves this nation is run by attorneys that have twisted the common law into a complex web of adversarial statutes intended to cover their tracks while they commit treason against the people of this once free nation.

Boryszewski, author of “The Constitution That Never Was,” found out that corruption was rampant in his county as a young police officer in 1946. While most Americans were looking the other way in the seemingly prosperous post-WWII era, Boryszewski began his lifelong journey into exposing corruption and conducting the research which would explain how and why corruption is enabled to proliferate within the confines of our state and federal constitutions.

TREASON is the first of several “bite-sized” pieces that Boryszewski plans to publish. He understands that we are in an age of information overload and that people do not have the time to read expansive dissertations on important subject matter. But, as a man who has spent 55 years attempting to battle back the tide of oppression that has all but consumed our land, he wants the public to benefit from his experiences. Hence TREASON.

TREASON is brilliantly structured by the author to give examples of treasonous behavior on the part of various public officials and then he provides the law which identifies their actions as inarguably treasonous.

The examples are both historic and contemporary. At the heart of the treason and corruption that has gripped our nation like a totalitarian plague are the lawyers we have allowed into public office and/or are allowed to advise those we have elected to serve us in public office.

Boryszewski, 82, is the director of the Foundation for Rights, Rochester, NY. TREASON is available from the Foundation for $6 per copy. Write Boryszewski at: PO Box 17699, Rochester, NY 14617 or call: (716) 266-6817.

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