From the August 2001 Idaho Observer:

Is the green pasture of the American dream turning the color of K-Falls grass?

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. -- The federal government shut off farmers and ranchers' access to irrigation water this last spring in an effort to preserve the habitat of the suckerfish. The result has been the parching of an entire region in southern Oregon/northern California known as the Klamath Basin.

Farmers have lost their crops. Ranchers cannot feed or water their livestock. Migratory water fowl and indigenous wildlife species have died or have left the area in search of water.

It would appear that protecting the habitat of the suckerfish is not the true intent of federal water control policy in the Klamath Basin. Wall Street Journal features editor Kimberley Strassel more accurately described the feds' true agenda in the region as “rural cleansing.”

“This is what's happening in Klamath -- call it rural cleansing -- and it's repeating itself in environmental battles all over the county. Indeed, the goal of many environmental groups -- from the Sierra Club to the Oregon Natural Resources Council (ORNC) -- is no longer to protect nature. It's to expunge humans from the countryside,” wrote Strassel.

It should be noted that has been giving excellent coverage to what may turn out to be the biggest public relations blunder ever made by those who use “endangered” species to erode property rights in America. posted the photo at right where the Klamath Falls Presbyterian Church's lawn has been turned brown by federal water policy. The site also posts a current photo of the Klamath Ranger Station. Any guesses as to what color the federal lawn may be? Hint: It is not brown.

See pages 11-14 for additional coverage of the federal war against the people of the Klamath Basin and other related stories that indicate the federal government is, indeed, waging war on the people of the western U.S.

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