From the July 2001 Idaho Observer:

Free Radio America

by Dr. Gary Trexler and Jan Blum

Michael Levine's show with a New York accent is often declined by radio stations. Listen to his “Media Mess” archive with primetime media makers. Michael was one of the most highly decorated DEA agents in that agency's history. Now he has turned his talents to digging up the real stories behind such headlines as the TWA 800 crash, covert operations worldwide, the CIA, US involvement with Hitler and Mussolini, the “Fortunate Son” George Bush, why the mayor of Salt Lake City kicked D.A.R.E. out of his city, the “war on drugs,” government and police corruption, and more. Just another example of the power of free speech radio. If your local NPR station doesn't carry Michael, give them a call and tell them you'd like them to carry it -- seriously Some do! Meanwhile, visit his website and listen there.

In their own words, “Welcome to America's modern, on-line descendant of The Liberty Tree. Samuel Adams would be proud. Here there are no punches pulled, no behind-the-scenes compromises, no corporate gag orders issued and no “too-controversial” topics avoided. Their mission is to “Go Where No Microphone has ever Gone.” This radio station boasts a wonderful array of professionals - all of independent spirit. Home of “The Zoh Show” (see below) along with Barefoot Health, Dr. Kassourla, Car Care, Travel World, The #1 Enemy of the State, and the infamous Alex Jones. -and-

Zoh was very deservedly honored with the “Excellence In Radio” award by Judicial Watch at their Ethics in Government Conference in late 2000. That's just the latest in a long series of awards that have recognized a great broadcaster since she first went on the airwaves in 1975. Her shows have covered subjects as disparate as angels, The Little Rascals, Negro Baseball Leagues, Will Rogers, Weird News, A Government Whistle Blowers Series for 8 years, UFO's, Paanormal Studies, Foreign Trade & Economics.

No one understood the spirit of freedom like cowboys as they traversed the wild parts of our country moving cattle. If you enjoy listening to cowboy (and cowgirl) poetry and music, then you'll be as delighted as we were to discover that you can tune in anytime. There is a new show every week and the famous Baxter Black is on each show with his humorous adventures put to rhyme. There are always stories from the country - the old times as well as today. And there are tips for country living. These folks ride easy in the saddle, while at the same time producing an extremely professional show.

Aspiring radio hosts, take notice! Crusade Radio is a spunky station out of California run by Mel Pyatt. They have some great shows already, but there is room for more. If you've always wanted to try your hand at hosting a radio show, give Mel a call at 559-732-5267. Mel started and maintains Crusade Radio with a large amount of faith and nearly no sheckels. His broadcasting criteria for radio hosts is not attached to big budget demands. He's particularly looking for old time preachers.

Bob Glass is a Libertarian that truly believes in diversity. He practices hard-core free speech on his Saturday radio show that is heard from 1-3pm Mountain Time throughout most of Colorado. It is amazing to hear someone who is committed to freedom actually practice it while welcoming opinions from conservatives, liberals, gay people, ethnic people and others. Here is the Roger Williams of the airwaves! The shows are not yet available on the internet, shortwave, or satellite so those of us outside of Colorado cannot yet listen in - but there are lively debates and an active forum on the website. If you live in Colorado or your vacation plans take you through this country, look up Bob Glass on 1060 AM in Denver, 610 in Vail, 1450 in Buena Vista, 1580 in Colorado Springs, and 102.3 FM in Gunnison. This website is also the jumping off place for the original Tyranny Response Team. Bob aims to take his perspectives into the governor's mansion -- by entering the next Colorado gubernatorial race on the Libertarian ticket.

“Gone Fishin'.” We should all get off the beaten track more often and just let the magic of nature heal our souls. Fishermen have long understood the value of “getting away.” The WalleyeCentral website brings together a terrific collection of radio shows that feature great fishing holes, fish stories, and tips from the pros. If you wonder why we would mention these radio shows among the harder hitting political shows that we typically bring to you, the reason is simple. No political action can happen if we allow ourselves to burn out. So plan a getaway soon - and as you lock up shop, be sure you dust off and hang out that ol' “Gone Fishin'” sign.


Gary and Jan are independent radio broadcasters who are currently taking a sabbatical from being on the air. Visit their website to listen to archived shows:

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