From the July 2001 Idaho Observer:

Senator Boatright seeks judicial complaints to support J.A.I.L. debate

Idaho J.A.I.L. chapter sends call for judicial accountability law to 53 newspapers statewide

COEUR D'ALENE -- Senator Clyde Boatright (R-Rathdrum), Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) for Idaho sponsor, says he needs people to submit complaints about judicial misconduct to justify public hearings on the issue. J.A.I.L. for Judges Idaho Chapter President Rose Johnson responded by sending the J.A.I.L. message to 53 newspapers statewide. Johnson is also putting out the call for victims of judicial abuse to send formal complaints to Boatright. Johnson, who can document 12 years of judicial abuse in a child custody travesty said, “We need to flood legislators with complaints of abuse from all over Idaho.”

The complaints should be one or two typed pages that describe the complaint. Refer to but do not attach documents which prove the allegations. A copy of the complaint that is sent to Boatright also needs to be copied to Rose Johnson.

If half the people who have been the victims of judicial misconduct would draft a complaint the legislature would have little choice but to pass the law intended to hold judges legally accountable for abusing their authority to the detriment of their citizen victims. It has been our experience that judicial corruption is so rampant in Idaho it is best described as anarchy.

The body currently responsible for punishing errant judges is the Idaho Judicial Council (IJC). The IJC needs to be replaced by a more impartial entity since the IJC's own records reflect that during the years 1995-2000 it received over 900 complaints -- only one of which resulted in disciplinary action.

The entire J.A.I.L. text was published in the June, 2000 edition of The IO. Other articles that investigate the need for judicial accountability can be found in the January, 2001 and May, 2001 editions of The IO. You can read the specific cases of judicial misconduct in nearly every edition The IO has published since it first went into print January, 1997.

J.A.I.L. for Judges is truly a citizen-financed grassroots effort that began in Riverside, California a little over a year ago and has caught on like wildfire across our nation where judicial misconduct has become the rule. See the J.A.I.L. ad page 14 and subscribe to a free email list that daily proves our national state of judicial anarchy. Contact Johnson at: (208) 773-6274 or send complaints/donations to:

Idaho J.A.I.L. for Judges
c/o Rose Johnson
8561 Cloverleaf Rd. #58
Hauser, Idaho 83854

Complaints can be sent to Senator Boatright at:

17528 Wrangler Dr.
Rathdrum, Idaho 83858

He can be called at: (208) 687-0591.

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