From the July 2001 Idaho Observer:

Heath files “Notice of Non-Appeal”

IO staff writer's 20-page “notice” a most eloquent, appropriate court filing

ST. MARIES -- IO staff writer and former perpetual pro se litigant Hari Heath has filed what may be the first ever “Notice of Non-Appeal” in the First Judicial District in the State of Idaho for the County of Benewah.

Though filed June 12 and sent to judges, the attorney general, state and federal legislators and members of the media, Heath has only received one response. That was from Magistrate Judge Daniel McGee who basically said Heath is full of baloney.

It was with the help of McGee that a police officer and a prosecuting attorney were provided the venue to lie, violate the law and otherwise pervert the foundations of civil government that were intended to extract justice from controversy.

The incident that Heath is not appealing was his being charged with driving without a license on the basis of an alleged sighting by a police officer who never contacted him. There is no evidence to support the charges that Heath was driving without a license at the time specified but he was found guilty anyway.

“This is likely that last document I will ever file in a court,” commented Heath who has filed hundreds of documents in both state and federal court over the last several years.

Heath has dedicated the last several years of his life to going into the system fully armed with the law and noble intentions in the hopes of finding remedies there that others can be applied toward righting the wrongs that are being perpetrated on the American public.

“There is no reason for me to expend the time putting together arguments that are supported by law and legal precedent because the courts do not regognize the law,” said Heath.

For more insight into how Heath attempted to proceed as a pro se litigants to prevail in court, see the September and December; 2000 January, March and April, 2001 editions of The IO.

After reading those articles, you will fully appreciate Heath's Notice of Non-Appeal.

Have you come to the end of your rope in being able to believe that you may be able to force justice in a seemingly hopeless legal system? Would you like to see how an intelligent and lawful person can eloquently tell corrupt officers of the court and agents of the state exactly where to go as a final parting gesture to their “justice” system?

If so, send $10 to The IO and we will send you a copy of Heath's Notice of Non-Appeal. All proceeds will go to Heath who, for all his trouble, is a federal fugitive because he chose to challenge the federal government's authority to prosecute people on state lands administrated by the U.S. Forest Service.

Note: I can assure you that you will find this notice to be one of the most incredible and emotionally satisfying documents you will ever read. (DWH)

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