From the May 2001 Idaho Observer:

IRS has no answers for the U.S. Senate or “We the People”

Just more laughter from the peanut gallery

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On April 5, 2001, the U.S. Senate challenged IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti to answer the provocative ads run three times this year in USA Today. C-Span did not cover the hearings.

Bob Shultz, Bill Benson, Joe Banister and other courageous individuals who had been pictured and quoted in the ads were present in the audience and had requested an invitation to speak.

They were denied an appearance by those conducting this Senate “probe.”

Blowups of the ads were reportedly posted in the meeting room. Commissioner Rossotti tapdanced around the legitimate issues that surfaced in the ads while those who wrote and paid for the ads were not allowed to testify.

On April 9, more than 1,000 Americans participated in a “walkaround” of the IRS Headquarters in Washington, D.C., while chanting en masse, “Show us the Law!”

Bill Benson, author of “The Law that Never Was” that exhaustively documents how the 16th Amendment that allegedly authorized the income tax was never properly ratified, personally challenged Charles Rossotti to come out and address the group and show the law that required American workers to file a 1040 form. Rossotti, in typical bureaucratic fashion, refused to appear. Witnesses reported that he could be seen laughing at the silly protestors from behind the protection of his office window and the power of an international banking cartel for which he is merely a collection agent.

USA Today has declined to publish any more ads for We the People as its attorneys do not want the newspaper to publish ads that compel people to “break the law.”

Each full page ad cost We the People $62,000.

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