From the May 2001 Idaho Observer:

Evidence mounting: Fedgov in process of betraying national security to the Chinese

COSCO caught smuggling human cargo into U.S. at Long Beach

by Don Harkins

On April 12, 2001, the Vancouver Sun reported that the sound of laughter alerted crew members of the Pretty River to the presence of what turned out to be two containers of Chinese being smuggled into the country at the retired navy base at Long Beach, Calif.

The Pretty River, which can carry up to 300 shipping containers, is owned by COSCO of Canada. COSCO Canada Executive Vice-President Dave Bedwell told the Sun that, “There's [also] legitimate cargo on the ship.”

COSCO Canada may be held responsible for $1.08 million in deportation charges. Other COSCO Canada ships, the Maple River and River Crystal will be checked by U.S. Customs. Customs has reported that similar smuggling attempts by COSCO have been discovered on more than one occasion since February, 1999.

Is Hanjin Zhanjian?

According to Tim Shaw of Philadelphia, the Chinese shipping facilities in North America, which run up and down both coasts and around the Gulf of Mexico and Central America are considered to be military assets by the Chinese government. Their commercial trading vessels are then warships which are called “zhanjian.”

Trains shipping cargo all over the country are largely comprised of orange-colored cars with “Hanjin” (another Chinese government-owned entity) painted on them. Is Hanjin anagramatical of zhanjian, or “warships”?

Shaw quoted Chinese Defense Minister Chi Hoatian as making the following comments in a Hong Kong newspaper January 11, 2000: “Seen from the changes in the world situation and the United States' hegemonic strategy for creating monopolarity, war is inevitable...We cannot avoid it. The issue is that the Chinese armed forces must control the initiative in this war....We must be prepared to fight for one year, two years, three years or even longer.”

It does not seem unreasonable to infer that China is positioning itself for a military confrontation within the U.S.

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