From the May 2001 Idaho Observer:

Follow in successful footsteps

1. Obtain a stamp and stamp every envelope and every piece of correspondence you send with the message: Don't vote for lawyers. Also stamp and return to sender postage paid junk mail.

2. Pass Don't vote for lawyers literature out to people in courthouses.

3. Write letters to the editors of local dominant dailies.

4. Find someone to run for office on a Don't vote for lawyers platform.

5. Forward Don't vote for lawyers material to the offices of your senators and legislators

6. Write thoughtful letters to your state attorney general and local prosecutors and ask them for their position on the matter, then use their responses to further illuminate the problem.

7. Contact Constitutional Guardians and ask for advice on how best to effectively and inexpensively campaign to remove lawyers from non-judicial public office.

For a packet of materials to get your “Don't vote for lawyers” campaign going in your area, contact Mike Calhoun at: (305) 534-1362. For $20 you will be sent clean copies of documents and a “Help Save America -- Don't Vote for Lawyers” stamp.

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