From the May 2001 Idaho Observer:

Florida headlines reflect problem with lawyers

Perhaps the most obvious examples that the Constitutional Guardians' campaign to remove lawyers from non-judicial public office are found in the headlines they have generated in Florida's daily dominant media. If we are to accomplish the task of limiting the participation of lawyers to the judicial branch of government only, we must employ methods of activism that generate press coverage in ways that reach a lot of people. The Constitutional Guardians have proven that running for public office on a “no-lawyers-in-non-judicial-public-office” campaign is an excellent way to reach entire communities. Proposing legislation and filing lawsuits are also good ways to get press. The good thing about this issue is that the only people who disagree with the premise that it is illegal and unconstitutional for lawyers to hold non-judicial public office are lawyers and the families of lawyers.

Following are examples of headlines that have been published in Florida dailies in the last few years:

Candidate's Issue Stirring Up Public

Clearly Mr. Calhoun's position is well analyzed and not inspired by the fringe mentality or negativity. It's also clear that it has attracted a great deal of attention.
~SUNPOST, Feb. 4, 1999


County Attorney Refuses Pursuit of Mayoral Candidate's Elections Complaint
~SUNPOST, Oct. 14, 1999

Mayor candidate wants lawyers out of office
~The Miami Herald, June 24, 1999

Candidate opposed to lawyers in office
~The Miami Herald, June 24, 1999

Candidate's campaign targets lawyers in office
~The Miami Herald, Nov. 20, 2000

Citizen claims lawyers in office violate state law
~Coral Gables Gazette, March 22-28, 2001

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