From the May 2001 Idaho Observer:

Legal system linked to Templars and Freemasonry?

The legal profession in the U.S., as monopolized by the American Bar Association and its subordinate state Bar Associations, has its roots in British “Inner Temples.” Under “Inner Temple,” the 1978 Encyclopedia Britannica says, “(English law): see Inns of Court.”

Under “Inns of Court,” the Britannica explains that the “Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn, Inner Temple and Middle Temple [are] a group of institutions of considerable antiquity, located in London, that have been historically responsible for legal education. Their respective governing bodies, the benches, exercise the exclusive right of admitting persons to practice by a formal call to the bar.”

According to the Britannica, Inns of Court are voluntary societies that are, “unchartered, unincorporated and unendowed. Hence their early history [which began in the Middle Ages] is obscure.”

The Inns of Court Temple can be entered from Fleet Street in London. Britannica refers to the Temple as “another segment of the City's power machinery.”

The Templars

The Temple was originally the British headquarters of the Knights Templar. Historical documents show that the Templars returned from the Crusades with incredible first-century documentation, wealth and treasures and was the richest organization in the world at that time -- richer even than the Vatican.

The Templars became a specific target of the Inquisition in 1307. Pope Clement V and King Phillip IV of France ganged up on the Templars and burned its Grand Master Jaques DeMolay at the stake in 1314.

According to Lawrence Gardner, “the appointed historian and sovereign genealogist to 33 royal families who,” according to Dr. Len Horowitz, “has access to Celtic church records dating back to 37 A.D,” the Templars were responsible for creating the banking network that funded every European Court of the time and is still in place to this day.

The Britannica and Gardner concur that the Templars were the ancestors of various secret societies, including the Freemasons.

Considering the incalculable wealth of the Templars up to the time of DeMolay's execution; considering they were not “evicted” for past due rent, what are we to think?

The historical impact of Masonic influence in European and American history since the Middle Ages to present is extremely well-documented. It is not inconceivable that the Templars, which never lost their financial might, were forced to change form during the Inquisition. At that time they became many things, including Freemasons, Prieure de Sion, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Rosicrucians...and...lawyers?

The power of those who were educated in the law, knew how to write the law, knew how to interpret the law and knew how to twist the law were obviously held in high regard when the Templars were forced to change their leopard spots as the lawyers were given the keys to the Temple when the Templars allegedly left.


The most interesting clues as to how and why lawyers have gained so much influence over all three branches of American government can be found at the American Inns of Court website.

There are hundreds of “Inns” across the nation that boast an aggregate membership of some 20,000 judges and attorneys (if there are 1 million lawyers in this country, then 1 out of 50 belong to this secret society). The page links to the Inns of Europe and describes its mission. “An American Inn of Court is not a fraternal order, a social club, a course in continuing legal education, a lecture series, an apprenticeship system, or an adjunct of a law school's program. While an AIC partakes of some of each of these concepts, it is quite different in aim, scope, and effect.”

The American Inns of Court have adopted the “English model of apprenticeship” and are designed “to improve the skills, professionalism and ethics of the bench and bar. An American Inn of Court is an amalgam of judges, lawyers, and, in some cases, law professors and law students. Each Inn meets approximately once a month both to 'break bread' and to hold programs and discussions on matters of ethics, skills and professionalism.”

No further comment is needed here. The state of our lawyer-influenced nation speaks for itself.

An excellent compilation of the involvement of ancient secret societies in contemporary life can be found in the book, “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” by Dr. Len Horowitz (1-888-508-4787).

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