From the May 2001 Idaho Observer:

(Former) Florida Bar member bids farewell to coven of legal corruption

In 1998 Jon Larsen Shudnick addressed an assembled body of Florida Bar members at a conference at Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Shudnick was among several speakers that had been given 10 minutes to address the lawyers.

In his “Farewell” address to the Florida Bar, Shudnick said that unless lawyers change the manner in which they have become, “defilers of wisdom, destroyers of spirit and fornicators of the truth,” their “children and heirs will end up spitting on [their] graves for the living hell [they] have left them.”

What he said, how he said it and to whom it was said is in the spirit of former New York Times Editor John Swinton's famous quote before peers that had gathered to honor him at a banquet in 1880. Swinton outraged and embarrassed his colleagues by explaining how the free press in America is a lie and that all of them, himself included, are “intellectual prostitutes.”

In his closing comments, Shudnick said, “I have read in the last few months that litigation has almost become the largest, if not the largest industry in the United States. In short we are totally wrapped up in suing each other and committing crimes against one another. Because the system you have devised in drafting the laws, in enacting them, in enforcing them and interpreting them, you are a monopoly that benefits mightily from all this social and economic turmoil. You're the core of the problem! You are the enablers and allies of an increasingly hostile and criminal governmental system and when the people have had enough of you and them, you will be swept away and disappear like the dinosaur.”

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