From the May 2001 Idaho Observer:

If it were illegal, would you still vote a lawyer into public office?

The separation of powers doctrine is the cornerstone of our form of government in America. It was so important to lawyers that they be allowed to infiltrate all three branches that the original 13th Amendment was ratified December 10, 1812. The original 13th Amendment prevented persons who claim a title of nobility (such as esquire), from holding public office and such persons cease to be a citizen of the United States.

The original 13th Amendment was apparently replaced in 1865 -- not by an act of Congress, but by simply overwriting it with a different one regarding slavery.

Constitutions from the several states reflected the separation of powers doctrine but have since, like the federal constitution, been systematically marginalized. Since being allowed to influence policy in all three branches of government, lawyers have set up an adversarial society of chaos and misery wherein they can apply their craft and make tremendous profit at the expense of peace and prosperity.

A group in Florida is exposing the illegality of electing lawyers into non-judicial public office. Constitutional Guardians have accumulated evidence to suggest that behind every social ill, every bad law and every oppressive regulatory scheme is a coven of lawyers who are getting rich. Their research is reaching the state legislature which has begun the process of disempowering the Florida State Bar Association. (See related stories pages 11-15)

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