From the March 2001 Idaho Observer:

JFAC funds family police

Dept. of Health and Welfare to enforce state models for children, families; set up “surveillance” offices

BOISE -- According to Idaho Chapter Eagle Forum President and veteran Idaho activist Dani Hansen, the Idaho State Legislature Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee (JFAC) in February is funding the State Department of Health and Welfare (HW)'s "Family Police" for the coming fiscal year.

Senator Stan Hawkins (R-Ucon) is reportedly the only JFAC member to vote against the plan. The approval of the family police force is seen by many to be the harbinger of more laws to justify state-mandated intrusion upon homes and families for arbitrary reasons.

JFAC is participating in an agenda that is a thinly veiled attempt by former U.S. Senator Governor Kempthorne to implement the federal "Goals 2000" education agenda in Idaho.

Goals 2000 is a plan by the federal government to provide standardized educational opportunities that are specifically tailored to mold our children into the model of worker that best suits the needs of the state.

By funding the family police, HW will be budgeted to set up offices all over the state in communities that have children who are "at risk" of belonging to families that do not meet state standards for a variety of educational, emotional and social criteria. The plan also includes linking these offices in a seamless web of surveillance so that children can be monitored within the state of Idaho and elsewhere.

Mrs. Hansen is one of Idaho's most valuable assets as she has dedicated her life to keeping people active and informed about the serious issues that are being voted into law at the legislature. She has many of those issues posted at her website:

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