From the March 2001 Idaho Observer:

Idaho first lady becomes mental health poster child

BOISE -- As we are uncovering how government-recommended exposure to vaccines and other harmful drugs conveniently creates a marketplace for highly addictive psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin and Prozac to pacify and befuddle a physically and neurochemically compromised nation, Idaho's First Lady Patricia Kempthorne admits how her bouts with depression were won with Zoloft.

The first lady is the federal government's Idaho poster child in a campaign "aimed at easing the stigma attached to mental illness," wrote Dan Popkey of The Idaho Statesman February 11, 2001. The feds have given Idaho $230,000 to help mental patients feel good about themselves.

Kempthorne has been open about her bouts with depression in the mid-90s while her husband was a U.S. senator. She wants people to feel safe enough to admit their illness and not be afraid to seek help.

The first lady has also been a staunch supporter of her husband's aggressive childhood immunization campaign and IRIS (Idaho's Immunization Reminder Information System.)

"This is an obvious propaganda ploy to encourage people to take provably dangerous psychotropic drugs ," commented Ingri Cassel of Vaccination Liberation of Idaho. Cassel has been investigating the link between childhood vaccines and the current nationwide epidemic of a variety of mental illnesses. (The Idaho Observer, February, 2001)

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