From the March 2001 Idaho Observer:

Kempthorne wants $6 million for “SEARCH”

Governor wants schools to administer “anonymous” intelligence-gathering survey

BOISE -- Governor Dirk Kempthorne has asked the legislature to release $6 million to hire 85 new "community resource workers" to administrate the 40 Assets and Character Education programs that are promoted by the SEARCH Institute and the Lutheran Brotherhood.

The money will be used to open offices in Idaho communities that have been determined to be "at risk" by the SEARCH Institute after administrating the SEARCH Institute School Survey. The "anonymous" survey, to be completed during school hours, is an extremely invasive series of questions about themselves, their homes, home life and family members. The survey, which was reportedly rejected by all six north Idaho school districts except West Bonner County, is a sociologically sophisticated intelligence gathering mechanism that purports to be concerned with students' mental and physical well-being for the purpose of more effectively providing them with access to government services.

Idaho Chapter Eagle Forum President Dani Hansen believes that Idaho's governor, a former U.S. Senator, is not really implementing an Idaho program. He is actually coercing the legislature to commit tax revenues in order to finance an elaborate federal agenda. "This is called his 'Safe Schools' Initiative,” explained Hansen. "This pretends to be a local community program, using local churches. In reality this is simply a Clinton 'It takes a village' AmeriCorps program, where money is laundered through the Corporation of National Services, the Lutheran Brotherhood, and the Search Institute," she said.

Upon taking office in 1999, Kempthorne vowed to increase Idaho vaccination rates and focus on our youth and education. There is mounting evidence to suggest that state-sanctioned vaccines are a major contributor to the proliferation of mental illness, learning disabilities, chronic diseases and sociopathic behavior in contemporary society. It is ironically Hegelian that the list of Kempthorne policy problem-causing anomalies mentioned in the previous sentence are "red flags" that could trigger the intrusion of “community resource workers” into peoples' lives.

It appears that one of the most important items on the 2001 legislative agenda for Idaho is for the state to dramatically increase its authority to invade the sanctity of our homes by hiring a coven of "government nannies."

Those who are concerned and want to know more about Kempthorne's unconstitutional war against family rights, please visit Hansen's website at: You can also take a look at SEARCH's intentions by visiting its website at:

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